Traction For Your Action
Rear wheelhop has been a problem for fullsize trucks rolling on big rubber. Traction bars are a common solution to the wheelhop dilemma. However, proper suspension geometry is seldom factored into traction-bar design. Superlift meets the challenge with its new line of Torque Max traction bars. Each set is specifically engineered for a given vehicle so that the traction bars' arc of travel is in sync with the rear springs' movement, maintaining proper suspension geometry during abrupt acceleration. Applications are currently available for many Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Dodge pickups.

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Liquid Protection
Not quite a polish, not quite a wax, Stylin' Pro Finish is a polymer that creates an invisible barrier on your paint. It works by coating your vehicle with a finish that bugs, tree sap, and road grime won't stick to it. Stylin' Pro Finish comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Stylin' Concepts
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Every Bed Needs A Hooker
The Hooker is a universal truck bed tie-down hook that allows you to instantly add multiple anchor points to any standard pickup truck bed. This fastener fits all mid-to-late-model pickup truck beds that do not have an over-the-rail liner.

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Ipod, Meet Truck; Truck, Meet Ipod
Peripheral Electronics is unveiling the iPod2car Interface. This interface allows you to control an iPod directly from the factory radio via the CD changer port and eliminates the use of noisy RF modulators. The factory radio enables track selection and has forward/rewind capabilities just like a CD changer. The iPod2car also keeps the batteries in the iPod charged and ready for on-the-go use. The iPod2car will work with generations three, four, and five as well as the Mini-iPod.

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Peripheral Electronics
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Welcome To Lambo' Land
Vertical Doors introduces the first true vertical door system for trucks that simply bolts on. The system is made of high-strength steel, and everything is included to bolt the system on to your truck. Current applications are for the H2 Hummer, F-150, F-250 Super Duty, Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator. The kit includes two pivotal assemblies, two high-powered shocks, all the mounting hardware, and the detailed instruction manual.

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Vertical Doors
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Old Truck, New Oil
Valvoline's MaxLife Synthetic 5W30- and 10W30-grade oils are tailored for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. The oils contain extra ingredients that help improve the life of high-mileage engines. Special seal conditioners soften brittle seals to help prevent leaks. Additional antiwear additives reduce friction and help prevent future wear. Extra cleaning agents help reduce deposits, sludge, and varnish formation. Advanced thermal stability helps reduce oil burn-off and maximizes power output.

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