No Scratchy Mitt
California Car Duster Company has taken advantage of micro-fiber technology to develop a mitt that can be used to wash and dust any vehicle. The MicroMitt can absorb 7 to 10 times its weight in water, which provides more suds reducing washing time. When dry and clean, the MicroMitt can be used to dust vehicles. The ultra-soft fibers have angled edges that effectively pull in dust and dirt. After use, the Mitt can be washed and rinsed.

For more information, contact: The Original California Car Duster Co. (818) 998-2300,

Deep Penetration
Free All deep-penetrating oil will spread into rusted or frozen parts, freeing them in seconds with ease. Free All is more than a lubricant because it has special ingredients that actually eat rust all in a silicone-free formula. You can buy it in 12-, 6-, and 2-ounce cans, and the company claims it won't damage painted surfaces.

For more information, contact: Free All Oil (800) 660-6140,

Small Package
QA1 offers a wide range of steel, small body shocks to fit several applications. And, newly introduced are the 70-Series shocks, which are revalveable and rebuildable. These shocks have the same internal components as other shocks from QA1. These steel small body shocks are manufactured in a twin-tube design, so the outer tube can get dented without binding the shock.

For more information, contact: QA1 800) 721-7761,

Stretch Marks
ARP has introduced a new-style Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge as an aid to professional engine builders and serious enthusiasts. The ergonomically designed gauge, with a built-in handle, is designed to facilitate quickly and accurately measure the length of connecting rod bolts. Measuring rod bolt stretch is the most accurate method of determining its preload.

For more information, contact: Automotive Racing Products Inc. (800) 826-3045,

The most overlooked problem when lowering or lifting a truck is driveline angle. The driveline must be adjusted to restore the original angle. Improper angle causes shimmy and will wear out your U-Joints and pinion gear. These aluminum axle shims will solve all your pinion angle woes.

For more information, contact: Aim Ind. (800) 682-8789,

Touch It Already
JP Customs introduces a Factory Touchscreen Navigation Upgrade Package for '03-'05 fullsize Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, and Hummer trucks and SUVs. This package adds the mapping and tracking capabilities of navigation to the factory audio system while retaining the factory look. It will retain all function and control of factory installed options, as well as XM, OnStar, DVD, a six-disc changer, steering wheel controls, and rear audio controls, if equipped. It requires no special programming or adapters. Each Navigation Package comes complete with everything needed for the installation and a 1-year warranty to back it up.

For more information, contact: JP Customs(281) 533-9900,

Make Less Trips to the Box
Face it. You already have too many wrenches. Powerhouse Products can help thin down the herd with a pair of adjustable crescent wrenches that fit any AN fitting from No. 3 through No. 20. These crescent wrenches are made in America, from aluminum, and are compact enough to fit in your pocket.

For more information, contact: Powerhouse Products (800) 872-7223,