To the Max
Hypermax Diesel is proud to announce the company's new Mach 7 electronic tuner for Ford trucks. The unit features 7 on-the-fly power settings to add another 150 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. There is also a Supercruise mode, which is used to produce the best mpg possible.For more information, contact: HYPERMAX ENGINEERING(842) 428-5655,

I Can See You
Rostra Precision Controls has developed a RearSight passive rear camera system for trucks and SUVs to give you eyes in the back of your head. The new system is designed for easy installation and features a 2-1/2- or 3-1/2-inch LCD color display built into the rearview mirror and a 150-degree wide-angle view camera. Monitors/mirrors are a direct factory replacement, and once installed, the system activates when the vehicle is put into Reverse.For more information, contact: ROSTRA (800) 782-3379,

4-Inch Tubes
Corsa Performance has launched another system to its growing line of diesel exhausts. Designed specifically for the '05 Ford F-250 Power Stroke diesel truck, the Corsa exhaust offers increased horsepower and torque, while eliminating in-cabin resonance. The muffler's straight-through, non-restrictive design significantly reduces backpressure and exhaust gas temperature, thus increasing exhaust flow by 47 percent over the stock system. This allows the turbocharger to quickly build boost and enhances the truck's hauling and towing power.For more information, contact: CORSA PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING(800) 486-0999,

Replacing the stock belt-driven fan with a Proform electric modelcan add as much as 15 or more horsepower by freeing up the water pump pulley for more rpm, improving performance and fuel economy. The new fan offers five sizes to fit almost any applications, ranging from lifted trucks to lowered SUVs. Each fan features a thin profile for installation clearance and can be installed with simple handtool. Plastic housings and glass-filled polypropylene blades minimize weight. For more information, contact: PROFORM, SPECIALTY AUTO PARTS USA INC.(586) 774-2500,

Simple Resto
Rejuvenate the life of your vehicle by enhancing its interior and add a custom touch in the process. Coverlay dashcovers and door panels are vacuum-molded from the original parts for a perfect fit. Made from thick, durable ABS plastic, these parts will not crack under extreme hot or cold temperatures and require no special skills to install. Coverlay dashcovers and door panels include a limited-lifetime warranty. For more information, contact: COVERLAY MFG.(800) 633-7090,

Slow It Down
No matter how you use your truck, you could still benefit from some extra stopping power. Baer has the perfect solution with the company's new slotted and cross-drilled DecelaRotors available from Stylin' Concepts. These rotors not only look great behind your custom wheels they also provide superior bite for faster stops. Top that off with direct-fit, bolt-on installation and a 50,000-mile warranty, and you have a pretty sweet setup.For more information, contact: STYLIN' CONCEPTS(800) 434-4381,