Slick Stuff
Initial start-up is the most critical time in the life of any freshly built engine. Protect your valvesprings, rockers, and pushrods against harmful wear with Comp Cams Valvetrain Assembly Spray. This specially engineered formula clings to vital valvetrain components during critical engine start-up, thus reducing valvetrain wear and extending component life. For more information, contact: COMP CAMS(800) 888-0853,

It's An Ipod Nation
Harman Kardon, provider of audio products for the home, computer, and automotive industries, announces the Drive + Play, an integrated iPod docking system specifically designed for automotive use. Drive + Play provides complete iPod control, including full browsing capability, while minimizing distractions for drivers. It features a backlit LCD screen, a five-button navigation control unit, and as an added bonus, the unit also charges the iPod when docked.For more information, contact: HARMAN KARDON

Now you can lower your '05 Ford F-250, F-350, and Excursion 4x4 a full 5 inches, thanks to Kelderman Manufacturing. The complete kit includes front and rear suspension, all necessary wiring, a 12-volt air compressor, and computerized in-cab controls that will raise and lower the truck with the push of a button. For more information, contact: KELDERMAN MFG.(800) 334-6150,

Power To The People
Whether you drive a '97 Dodge Dakota, an '04 Chevy Silverado, a '78 Ford Bronco, an '00 Toyota Tundra, or almost any other truck, Electric-Life has a bolt-in power window system to make your windows move at the touch of a button. Custom-fit for each application, Electric-Life uses Scissor-, Bowden-, and Goldie Cable-type window systems to ensure the best fit for every pickup. Each system comes complete with a regulator and a reverse-polarity motor.For more information, contact: ELECTRIC-LIFE INC.(800) 548-2168,

Power To The Pavement
More durable than OE converters equipped with plastic stators, the new TCI Dodge Hemi truck torque converters feature an aluminum stator for increased torque multiplication and heavy-duty furnace-brazed components. With a higher-than-stock stall speed and stronger thrust bearings, this torque converter delivers better power throughout the entire rpm range. For more information, contact: TCI (662) 224-8972,

Mind Your Egt
Faze Gauge offers an exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauge to help track the performance of diesel trucks and SUVs. The Faze EGT gauge incorporates a zero-to-2,000 degree scale on a 270-degree dial sweep. Available in both white and black face, these gauges are factory calibrated, tested, and certified. Slimline design makes it easy to fit inside any vehicle, even where dash space is limited. For more information, contact: FAZE(800) 228-7667,