Nice Rearend
The newcomer to the Chrisman billet rearend series is the Chrisman ES, extreme street rearend. The rearend houses a Ford 9-inch ring-and-pinion, giving you more than 135 choices of ring-and-pinions to choose from in Chrisman's California gear warehouse. The Chrisman ES rearend is designed to bolt into your specific truck setup.

For more information, contact: Chrisman Driveline Components
(800) 449-4327,

You Won't Dent This One
Stillen roll pans are vehicle-specific like this one for the Nissan Titan, ensuring a perfect fit, and are available with or without a license plate recess. All Stillen urethane body pieces come with a limited lifetime warranty and are in stock and ready to ship. No welding or special tools are required to install this much-cooler bumper replacement.

For more information, contact: Stillen
(800) 711-0310,

Helmet of Fire
Making its debut alongside Miller's newest project vehicle, a '29 Roadster pickup, the new helmet design matches the hot rod's unique paintjob, commemorating the year Miller Electric was founded. The helmet features the Performance Series Lens technology, including replaceable batteries with solar assist for long life (3,000 hours on MIG), with no recharging required. The helmet easily handles low-amperage DC Inverter and TIG applications (5 amps and below) and has a reaction time of 1/20,000 second. Miller Auto-Darkening Helmets are covered by an 18-month warranty.

For more information, contact: Miller Electric MFG.
(800) 426-4553,

Easy MP3 Addition
Sony's new car audio receivers let your music library ride shotgun. The new CDX-GT100 CD and CDX-GT200 (pictured) CD/MP3 receivers make it possible to use portable music players in a vehicle with a standard 1/8-inch mini jack cord, which is not included. Both models are finished in metallic black with a blue 13-segment LCD display. Each receiver has a detachable faceplate, a built-in 208-watt power amplifier, and a three-band equalizer. They also feature selectable rear/subwoofer preamp outputs, which can be used to control the frequency and output level of an external amplifier.

For more information, contact: Sony

Don't Drink It
EverClear is a truck bed lining that is clear but still tough. Since it is clear, you can now color-match your bed fairly easily without the huge cost increase. The company claims the coating dries so clear you can read through it.

For more information, contact: Evercoat INC.
(281) 419-3837,

More MPG for You and Me
You can now improve fuel economy while increasing engine efficiency with the patented Premier Fuel Cell. This system energizes gasoline, diesel, and even propane by breaking up clusters of hydrocarbon molecules. The Premier Fuel Cell charges the fuel line with a high-powered iron-ceramic magnetic field, de-clustering the fuel to expose it to more oxygen. The result is a cleaner, more complete burn and less power-robbing carbon buildup and varnish on pistons and valvetrain components. The simply straightforward installation involves attaching the cell to the existing fuel line.

For more information, contact: Premier Performance Products(888) 497-3666,