Monster Tubes
The Banks 3-inch stainless steel Monster exhaust for the '05 Nissan Frontier 4.0L is designed to be a direct-fit, bolt-on system that flows 104 percent more than the stock factory exhaust, while reducing backpressure by more than 93 percent. Leveraging the stock hangers, ground straps, and rear balancer, Banks Monster exhaust replaces the crimped 2-1/4- inch stock exhaust with an all-stainless steel mandrel-bent system that uses larger-diameter pipes, optimizing exhaust flow. The entire system is backed with a lifetime warranty and is fully compatible with Nissan's factory warranty.

For more information, contact: GALE BANKS ENGINEERING (877) 455-2303,

It Isn't a Doughnut
Put the stops to your '05-and-later 1/2-ton GM pickup with a Baer Claw GT drum-to-disc rear brake conversion. With a 14-inch-diameter rotor, a two-piston aluminum caliper and a drum-in-hat park mechanism, your Silverado can be fitted with an upgrade to the factory brakes without changing the master cylinder.

For more information, contact: BAER INC. (602) 233-1411,

Boom, Wickie, Wickie...
The AW1000V features new design elements that intelligently increase the woofer's overall efficiency. Capable of handling 600 watts rms, the AW1000V offers not only power but increased durability in various applications. With an efficiency rating of 91.1 dB, the dual 4-ohm sub also features a new high-gloss cone manufactured from high-strength carbon composite, giving the component a radiant overall look.

For more information, contact: AUDIOBAHN (800) 488-8595,

Got a Low Truck?
The X Jack from Air Locker has an 8,800-pound lifting capacity and is only an inch and a half thick, deflated, and blows up to almost 30 inches. With a two-way inflation system, this air jack uses either exhaust from the truck, or a portable air compressor will lift even the lowest rides. And, it works just as well for all you lifted truck owners, too.

For more information, contact: ARB USA (425) 264-1391,

Wrap Your Pipes
DEI has just introduced a line of black exhaust wrap of varying lengths and widths to go along with the company's existing line of wrap. Black exhaust wrap is gaining popularity, especially among sport compact owners, or where the engine compartment appearance is just as important as how the interior or exterior look. Black wrap serves as an alternative to the more common "natural" or neutral exhaust wrap color, and black often blends in well with other underhood components. All DEI exhaust wraps can withstand continuous heat as much as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in 15-, 50- and 100-foot lengths and either 1- or 2-inch widths.

For more information, contact: DESIGN ENGINEERING INC. (800) 264-9472,

Get It Together
Store loose items and enhance your garage, shop, or enclosed trailer with these organizers, offering more than 30 sizes and styles to choose from. Each organizer is made of quality steel and is available in white, silver, or red durable powdercoat finish, made to snap into peg board.

For more information, contact: GO RHINO! PRODUCTS (888) 427-4466,