I'm a Kreep
The Kreepstool is a lightweight aluminum rolling seat with multiple storage compartments. Configured with stability in mind, high-tech products were used to build this garage seat, featuring six locking urethane casters for smooth travel when rolling over cracks and obstacles.

For more information, contact: 4TEK (866) 996-3918, www.kreepster.com

Sit On It
Smittybilt, maker of pushbars and grilleguards, has shifted its focus to the interior with the company's new custom replacement sport seating. Built to fit in S-10 and Ranger pickups, the complete replacement kits include brackets, two seats, and a center console. The seats are covered in vinyl with many color options and feature full reclining backrests and high bolsters to prevent you from sliding across the truck.

For more information, contact: SMITTYBILT AUTOMOTIVE (888) 717-5797, www.gosmitty.co

Lo-Pro Plastic Fantastic
Custom-designed and manufactured for the Toyota Tacoma to provide a streamlined appearance, the Lo Pro II plastic tonneau cover incorporates ARE's scissor-hinge technology for smooth operation, and water management system that channels water away from the bed. The Lo Pro II also offers a unique "slam" latch configuration for security and is completely bolt-on.

For more information, contact: A.R.E (800) 649-4273, www.4are.com

2.0 Liters of Power
STS Performance is now offering a custom cam grind and 1.6 ratio roller rockers for all '94-'03 2.2L four-cylinder S-series trucks, such as the S-10, the Sonoma, and the Hombre. The company's custom cam grind will not affect any smog laws, and it will add 14-plus hp. STS can also do custom grinds for turbo applications or any custom specifications. Packaged together for a special price or sold individually, the gold race needle-bearing fulcrum, roller-tip, extruded aluminum rocker arms increase your rocker arm ratio to 1.6 and add 10-plus hp.

For more information, contact: STS PERFORMANCE (562) 531-6328, www.stsperformance.com

Taco Muscle
aFe's new cold-air intake system for '05 Tacomas is crafted with a powdercoated heat shield and brushed aluminum cover that cuts induction noise. Performance comes from a 4-inch high-flow conical filter that feeds a free-flowing aluminum tube. The MAF sensor position is optimized for performance and trouble-free operation.

For more information, contact: ADVANCED FLOW ENGINEERING (aFe)(951) 493-7100, www.afefilters.com

Changing nitrous bottles can be a hassle, especially between rounds when time is a factor and tools are scarce. The gearheads at Nitrous Pro-Flow have devised a way to swap NO2 bottles in a snap without handtools. The Nutbuster wing-style wrench stays attached to the line fitting, and a plastic-tipped setscrew retains the wrench without damaging your aluminum fittings. A quick flick of the wrist detaches or re-fastens the fitting, which means you can swap bottles in seconds. CNC-machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the Nitrous Pro-Flow Nutbuster is lightweight and durable, and is currently available for -4 and -6 line.

For more information, contact: NITROUS PRO-FLOW (954) 771-6216, www.wilsonmanifolds.com