Tune Your Engine
The FAST Air/Fuel Meter uses a sensor in both of your engine's exhaust outlets, not just one sensor like some of the other air/fuel meters out there, to get the full story on the state of your engine's tune. With the FAST Air/Fuel Meter, you can read both exhaust sensors individually, or average them together for super accurate readings of the engine's true air/fuel ratio. Easy to use, the Air/Fuel Meter includes a simple, built-in data-logger that doesn't require you to download to a laptop. Advanced features include outputs for external data-loggers and digital gauges, as well as a narrow-band simulator function that allows you to feed your engine's computer a factory signal while using the wide-band sensor for air/fuel measurement. For more information, contact: Fast (901) 260- 3278,

Big Rollers
DeMODA Concepts announces the availability of the company's newest rims, the Intimidator-2. These cast-aluminum alloy wheels will fit most Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Hummer trucks. They come in either a 20x8.5 or 22x10 with a 10mm offset and feature a machined face with black accents coated in clear so maintenance is a snap. For more information, contact: Demoda Concepts Wheels (661) 250-3000,

That Voodoo That You Do
Unless you're a witch doctor, choosing the correct cam can be a nightmare-that is, until now. Lunati is now shipping its Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Voodoo camshafts for '57-and-later small-block Chevy engines. Voodoo cams use geometry and tolerances with aggressive lobe ramp profiles to produce more area under the power curve. The Voodoo asymmetrical lobe designs with slow-closing ramp speeds set the valve down easy, reducing engine noise, valve train harmonics, and premature valvetrain failure.
For more information, contact: LunatiI (901) 365-0950,

Sneaky Power
Weiand is now cranking out a Stealth 8150 high-rise dual-plane intake manifold for small-block Chevy engines. It fits 262- to 400ci engines from '57-'86 and '87-and-later engines with aluminum heads. Each casting is CNC-machined to give an exact fit and exact port match to the heads, with ports measuring 1.92 inches high and 1.16 inches wide. The 8150 makes the best power, from 1,500 to 6,700 rpm, and has a 4150-style square-bore mounting flange. Also, the 8150 has excellent hood clearance, with a front height of 4.19 inches and a rear height of 5.27 inches. The Weiand Stealth 8150 is available in three finishes, including satin, hand-polished aluminum, and the new Everbright finish. The Everbright finish has the look of polished aluminum and the durability of powdercoating. It is low maintenance with no polishing required and will not be affected by heat or gasoline spills.
For more information, contact: Weisnd (2700 781-9741,