Regulators, Mount Up
RacePumps Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators produce fuel pressure that is smooth and steady throughout the entire rpm range. The pressure regulator flows in excess of 200 gph, which is enough for as much as 2,500 horsepower. Optional 1:1 vacuum referencing (to reduce idle and high-rpm off-throttle pressure) and 1:1 boost referencing makes RacePumps Regulators ideal for forced-induction engines. And the optional idle bleed offers increased tuning options. A large 1/2-inch NPT inlet and two 3/8-inch NPT outlets simplify fuel-line plumbing, and the regulator can be bolted directly to nearly any flat surface. The regulator valve is lightweight ceramic for smoother pressure, and other internal components are corrosion-resistant stainless steel for long-term durability and reliability. The billet 6061-T6 aluminum housing is internally and externally hard anodized to practically eliminate wear and prevent the heavy oxidation that can destroy traditional aluminum regulators when used with methanol.
For more information, contact: Racepumps (336) 476-9720,

It's A Jelly, Eh?
California Car Cover Company is moving a lot of water with the introduction of the California Jelly Blade. The Jelly Blade isthe second generation of the Original California Water Blade. The Jelly Blade features an ultra-flexible blade and handle that molds to any surface without scratching or streaking. The patented T-bar edge is made from soft medical-grade silicone that removes 90 percent of standing water in one third of the time of a sponge or squeegee. The blade produces 15 times less friction than a terry cloth towel and will not retain materials that can scratch.
For more information, contact: California Car Cover Co.(800)423-5525,

For Those About to Rock
Toms River, New Jersey's SLP Performance Parts now offers all-new 1.85 ratio steel rocker arms that fit all LS-1/LS-2 engines found in late-model GM V-8-equipped trucks and SUVs. SLP claims that installation of these rocker arms will provide as much as a 12 hp gain over stock. The rocker arms offer improved features, such as easy bolt-on installation and OEM-quality steel construction, similar to GM's production 1.7 ratio rocker arms. The kit comes with a roller bearing trunion, new bolts, and a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Also, you may see a 10 percent increase in valve lift over the stock 1.7 ratio rocker arms, and no valve cover modifications or valvespring replacement is necessary for installation.For more information,contact: Slp Performance Parts (732)349-2109,