How Do You Get In?
Godfather Customs offers a shaved door-handle kit to help you put that finishing touch on your custom truck. It will work on just about any application hooking to your OEM latches. The kit comes with everything you would need to get your doors open after you shave the handles, including an AutoLoc remote-control system that features an extended range remote. For more information, contact: GODFATHERS CUSTOMS
(800) 898-1240,

Crash Without The Bang
Ron Francis Wiring has developed an easy-to-install fuel shut-off relay and switch that kills the power to your electric fuel pump in the event of a crash. The device is designed to minimize further danger by preventing the fuel pump from pumping raw fuel onto the ground or into the vehicle following a serious impact. This switch has been awarded the NSRA Best Safety Product of the Year. Just like all Ron Francis products, the fuel pump crash shut-off is a very simple installation, and best of all, they are on the shelf and ready for shipment right now. For more information, contact: RON FRANCIS WIRING
(800) 292-1940,

In-Cab Tuner For Your Shocks
Rancho is now ready to unveil the next generation of in-cab remote-control adjustability with the Rancho Digital RCX dual-action remote system. The new digital capabilities of the RCX system allows for ultra-precise tuning of front and rear shocks, and it includes an "automatic pressure maintenance system" that continuously monitors and adjusts the system to match the driver's preferred level of damping. The new electronically controlled system is easy to use and permits the driver as many as 10 preset settings. The system includes an air-line cutting tool to enhance the installation process, detailed instructions, and all of the necessary hardware to complete an at-home installation. The digital system is fully compatible with the RS9000X family of shock absorbers. For more information, contact: RANCHO
(734) 384-7805,

Mobile Air
Advanced Air Systems designed the original CO2 on-board air system back in 1997 for a fast, simple, and affordable tire-inflation system. The company now has three distinct air systems in multiple variations to fit any need. Called the Power Tank RV-Series, the Power Tank Sport-Series, and the original Power Tank Comp-Series, they all feature the company's proprietary SuperFlow regulators, designed to provide super high-flow rates of CO2 vapor without freeze clogging, the number one problem with other high-pressure regulators. This system can also be used in an emergency, if your airbagged truck loses the compressor and you can't air up. If you want to air up tires on your truck or simply run some air tools without a compressor, this is the hot ticket for you. For more information, contact: ADVANCED AIR SYSTEMS INC.
(209) 366-2163,