Dial In Your Bumpstick
Edelbrock's new Hex-A-Just roller timing chain sets allow you to dial in your camshaft with ease, with no machining required for installation. Made from induction hardened billet steel, the Hex-A-Just roller timing chain sets by Cloyes bolt onto an engine like any other timing chain set, so there's no need for special offset bushings or machining for installation. This set allows for a quick cam timing adjustment to plus or minus 6 degrees without removal from the engine. Just loosen the cam bolts and dial in the cam timing with the turn of a hex wrench. Edelbrock's Hex-A-Just roller timing chain sets are available for almost every Chevy V-8 made.
For more information, contact: Edelbrock Corp. (800) 386-8326, www.edelbrock.com

The Perfect Wipe
Bosch's new ICON wiper blade features a unique bracketless design with dual rubber technology, an exclusive weather shield connector system, and integrated aerodynamic wind spoiler. This combination of design features allows the blade to hug the windshield and wipe smoothly, evenly, and quietly for a perfect wipe every time. Plus ICON's exclusive FX dual-rubber compound provides a 20 percent longer performance life over the best-selling ultra premium Bosch Micro Edge Excel blade.
For more information, contact: Bosch Group (888) 715-3616, www.boschusa.com