A Quick Stop at Stylin'
Stylin' Concepts announces the addition of Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) to its extensive line of custom truck and SUV accessories. With more than 30 years of experience in the brake industry, SSBC has a kit for your truck, whether it's on stock rollers or big-ass billets. If you need high-performance slotted rotors and pads or new three-piston calipers, SSBC has something for you. SSBC also offers many kits for 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickups, a market segment not offered by many other brake manufacturers.
For more information, contact: STYLIN' CONCEPTS(800) 434-4381, www.stylinconcepts.com

Slow Motion
Stabilus, manufacturer of gas springs and hydraulic motion control dampers, introduces its EZDOWN drop-gate damper for controlled vehicle tailgate opening. The EZDOWN damper provides precise control and a smoother opening of the tailgate, rather than allowing it to quickly slam down. This control helps prevent personal injury and vehicle damage. The EZDOWN installation kit is conveniently packaged and provides you with all parts and tools necessary for installation.
For more information, contact: STABILUS(800) 247-2860, www.ezdown.com

Lower Your Ride, Raise Your Expectations
Eibach Truck and SUV lowering kits are carefully designed to lower the center of mass of today's most popular trucks and SUVs, improving handling, increasing safety, and enhancing appearance all at the same time. Like every Eibach Performance Spring Package, the company's Pro-Truck lowering kits are the perfect complement to increasingly popular large-diameter wheel-and-tire packages. Precisely engineered and manufactured Eibach springs and rear-spring lowering components deliver superior handling, improved aerodynamics, enhanced transient response, and rugged durability-all while maintaining the smooth, compliant ride for which Eibach is famous.
For more information, contact: EIBACH(951) 256-8300, www.eibach.com

Shhhh, Be Bery Bery Quiet
StreetWires announces that it is shipping the new line of Zero Noise 5 interconnects and Zero Noise 5AV audio/video interconnects. Both of these products offer better noise rejection, signal transfer, and conductor insulation than competing brands. The Zero Noise 5 series is considered the "Good" in StreetWires' "Best, Better, Good" product lineup with the Zero Noise 7 being the "Better" and Zero Noise 9 being the "Best." The Zero Noise 5 series is ideal for anyone looking for performance at an economical price. Along with the Zero Noise 5 Interconnect series, StreetWires is also shipping the Zero Noise 5AV audio/video interconnects.
For more information, contact: STREETWIRES(877) 787-3381, www.streetwires.com

Would You Like That in the Can?
Auto Air Colors are now available in pint and quart can sizes, so they will fit onto any paint shaker and mixing bank. A new Flash Reducer is also available. Flash Reducer is a co-solvent additive that significantly improves the flow and leveling, while decreasing curing time. The new Flash Reducer makes painting with Auto Air very similar to painting with urethanes. The new Flash Reducer is a must-have for any Auto Air painter.
For more information, contact: AUTO AIR COLORS(800) 509-6563, www.autoaircolors.com