Now That's a Nice Box
No matter if you are a professional mechanic or just a weekend wrencher, you will need a place to store your tools. As time goes on, one thing will almost inevitably happen-you will outgrow your toolbox. Thankfully, the tool guru's at Snap-on Tools offer this preassembled, Personal WorkCenter. It comes in a range of sizes with a buffed stainless steel front plate and a variety of different colors to choose from, including Snap-on Red, Candy Apple Red, Ultra Yellow, Royal Blue, Deep Cranberry, Green Mica, Electric Orange, and Gloss Black to fit in or stand out in any workplace
For more information, contact: SNAP-ON TOOLS
(877) 762-7662

Big Truck 'Bags
With a Kelderman suspension, there's no reason to get beat up on the road for those long hauls. Simply convert the suspension to Kelderman's bolt-on air-ride system, custom-engineered to make the F-450/-550 ride like a dream and sit a full 2 inches lower than the stock suspension. The kit comes standard with an electronically controlled automatic height-control unit with air dump. More features of the system include using the factory sway bar, a parallel trailing arm system that eliminates axle twist, minimal pinion angle movement, and a low-profile four-airbag design.
For more information, contact: Kelenderman Mfg
(800) 334-6150

Nitrous Express, announces the availability of E85 fuel compatible nitrous systems for all applications. Company owner Mike Wood states, "E85 is the best and least expensive fuel available for use with modern nitrous systems." Wood continues, "This high octane fuel will allow extreme nitrous usage without the fear of engine-destroying detonation."
For more information, contact: Nitrous Express
(888) 463-2781

Shaved Security
Since its inception, one of the biggest concerns with shaved door handles has been vehicle security. What if someone finds where you've hidden your emergency entry release? Electric-Life now offers a High-Security Emergency Entry System designed to work with the company's standard manual entry release kit for vehicles with shaved handles. Using an actual lock and key, the Electric-Life 94310 High-Security Emergency Entry System has a built-in tumbler and aluminum lock housing, making forced entry much more difficult.
For more information, contact: Electric-Life Inc.
(800) 548-2168

Stick and Burn
These kits from the grease monkeys at Comp Cams feature Comp Cams Tri-Power Xtreme camshafts that are designed to work in tandem with the Fast-Flash Power Programmer for optimized electronic tuning. This will allow you to change out the cam without the fear of not getting the computer right. Currently available for Chevrolet/GMC Vortec small-block 4.8-, 5.0-, 5.3-, 5.7-, and 6.0L, Vortec big-block 7.4L, Gen III 8.1L, and Duramax diesel 6.6L engines, Ford 4.6L SOHC, and Chrysler Hemi 5.7L kits are coming soon.
For more information, contact: Comp Cams
(800) 999-0853

Spent Gases
DynoMax Performance Exhaust has introduced a new after-cat system for '07 Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon 5.3L models. Available through exhaust dealers and performance retailers across this great country of ours, the new 3-inch all-aluminized, mandrel-bent system helps maximize exhaust flow for the V-8 Vortec engine. The company claims an 8 hp gain at peak, thanks to the Ultra Flo welded muffler, which features straight-through routing that minimizes exhaust backpressure.
For More Information, Contact: Dynomax
Performance Exhaust(734) 384-7806