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Gr8hotrods is proud to carry a full line of performance parts, including these H-beam rods from Arias. Forged from aerospace-quality 4340 chrome-moly steel, Arias3 H-beam rods feature fully machined, X-rayed, and ultrasonic-tested surfaces throughout. These surfaces are then deburred, shot-peened, and stress relieved. ARP high-tensile bolts are included for precise torques, along with silicon-bronze pin end bushings for full-float capabilities. Applications include small- and big-block Chevy, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and VW.

For more information, contact: GR8HOTRODS(323) 888-2313,

Tranny Lock-Down
If you're running a Turbo 350, 200-R4, 700-R4, or 4L60 automatic transmissions, the lock-up converters hooked to it are designed to be fully locked up for maximum efficiency. The converters were made to be locked up by the factory's ECM, and Ron Francis came up with a solution that takes you about 30 minutes to install without removing the pan. It comes pre-set for you at between 42-47 mph, but you can adjust it to your favorite cruising speed. Better gas mileage is only a simple adjustment away. Adjustments can also be made for aftermarket rearend gears and tires sizes.

For more information, contact:Ron Francis Wiring(800) 292-1940,

Keep It Tight!
Katech Performance has introduced an adjustable belt tensioner for General Motors Generation III and Generation IV LS engines. The lightweight tensioner is machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and replaces the stock unit to eliminate the problem of the accessory belt jumping off the pulley during performance driving. It features a higher pulley sidewall for more secure belt placement and uses the factory accessory belt. The tensioner features an attractive black anodized finish. Red and blue anodizing is also available. Katech Performance's adjustable belt tensioner is available for all Gen III and Gen IV small-block-powered trucks, including Chevrolet Silverado/SSR/Tahoe and GMC Sierra/Yukon.

For more information, contact: Katech Performance(866) 528-3241,

Frozen Rotor Pops
Power Stop introduces Nitro Blast slotted, cryogenically treated Extreme Performance brake rotors for trucks and SUVs. Power Stop's Nitro Blast slotted brake rotors are processed at minus-300 degrees Fahrenheit and then heat to improve their properties. All Nitro Blast brake rotors are stress-relieved to prevent cracking and warping. The Nitro Blast brake rotors' grain structure's permanent changes are a result of the 300 Below Cryogenic process. The results are a more stable rotor with a larger, smoother contact area, so it is highly resistant to abrasion. Additionally, one of the key quality attributes is the greatly reduced risk of the rotors warping as there is less internal stress and improved dimensional stability.

For more information, contact: Power Stop(888) 863-4415,