Keep It Cool!
Earl's Performance Products announces the availability of its new line of oil coolers with a black finish. The Temp-A-Cure oil coolers are manufactured in the U.S. from aircraft aluminum alloy with vacuum furnace-brazed joints. The corrugated screen design minimizes pressure drop, increases strength, and cools twice as much fluid with half the pressure of a typical tube and fin setup. The oil coolers are available in three widths with 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 25, or 34 cooling rows and feature AN male inlets.
For more information, contact: Earl's Performance Products
(310) 609-1602,

Different Than a Pillar Pod
MGT Motorsports presents Blendmount, a system designed for mounting aftermarket accessories, giving them a factory installed look. This particular Blendmount was designed for the Edge Juice Attitude Monitor. The monitor is encapsulated in ABS plastic and is attached to the linkage of the rearview mirror, using a two-piece shaft collar that requires no drilling at installation. The mounting brackets are constructed of durable, lightweight, black anodized aluminum.
For more information, contact: MGT Motorsports

This Oil Isn't for Cookin'
This new Q TorquePower Full Synthetic advanced motor oil formulation is engineered to help maximize torque in the engines of hard-working trucks and SUVs, to help give drivers the power they want for towing, hauling, and off-roading. In addition to helping maximize torque, Q provides protection against friction, resistance to thermal breakdown, and protection against engine stress under heavy loads. The proprietary heat-activated molecules in all the Q motor oils are activated as temperatures increase, to create a low-friction, ultra-heat-resistant lubrication film. Available viscosity grades include: 10W-30, 10W-40, 5W-30, 5W-20.
For more information, contact: Quaker State

Dropped Taco
DJM Suspension introduces a 3/4 lowering kit for the '06 Toyota Tacoma. The 3-inch front drop is based on specially engineered upper and lower control arms. The rear comes down 4 inches, thanks to DJM's heavy-duty 4-inch steel lowering blocks, a C-notched frame, and carefully sized and positioned DJM bumpstops. When the 3/4 kit is installed, the Tacoma enjoys a vastly improved stance, while its ride quality and handling are preserved.
For more information, contact: DJM Suspension Inc.
(310) 538-1583,

Because Burns Suck
Hot coolant can cause severe injuries. Mr. Gasket's new ThermoCap has a built-in thermometer that displays coolant temperatures, providing a quick reference to help prevent such injuries. ThermoCap is available in several high-pressure variations, which are higher than an OE radiator cap. Using a high-pressure ThermoCap can increase your engine coolant's boiling temperature to as high as 272 degrees to prevent engine damage under even the most extreme operating conditions.For more information, contact: Mr. Gasket