Feel The Music
The new X Thunderlink 210P universal amplified subwoofer enclosure from MTX Audio is designed to virtually fit in any truck. The enclosure is made from injection-molded plastic and features two 10-inch subwoofers with passive radiators that are powered by a 200-watt (RMS), Class D, onboard, fan-cooled amplifier. RCA and Bi-level inputs make installation a snap, and Smart Engage auto turn-on circuitry eliminates the need to run a remote wire to the amplifier. It simply senses voltage in the signal wire and automatically turns on.
MTX Audio
(800) 225 -5689

Get Your Chrome On
In the Sixties and Seventies, many interior trim items were chrome-plated plastic, like the dash bezel shown here for a '66 car. If you have some of that in your classic truck that has seen better days, instead of painting it silver, send it to Just Dashes. The company can have your original parts rechromed, and Just Dashes craftsmen can then completely detail the piece to like-new condition. Minor cracks and breaks in the plastic can be repaired prior to applying the plastic chrome, and sometimes even large damaged areas can be salvaged, eliminating the problem of a costly replacement.
Just Dashes

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'
DIY enthusiasts can dial in their camshafts, check piston-to-valve clearance, and examine crankshaft endplay for less with the new summit Cam Degreeing Kit. The kit features an 11-inch degree wheel that features a polyurethane enamel finish and is designed to read the same as cam spec cards. The wheel fits most Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler engines. It also comes with two low-tension checking springs, a one-wire pointer, a TDC stop, three adapter bushings, one flat washer, one magnetic base, and a dial indicator.
Summit Racing

Whittled Wheels
Alan Budnik wants you to see the newest design in the company's X-Series line of custom wheels. The Cannon comes in 15- to 22-inch diameters and widths from 5- to 15 inches, so you can pick the perfect size for your truck. The wheel is CNC-machined out of aluminum and comes with either powdercoat, brushed, polished, or clearcoat finishes. All Budnik X-Series designs are available in traditional lip and the new fat-lip profile. Take a trip to the Budnik website for the complete listing of wheels.
Budnik Wheels

Plastic Fantastic
wilson Manifolds is proud to offer a composite modular intake manifold for 23-degree (gen I) standard and raised-runner small-block Chevyheads. Made out of a proprietary composite polymer, the new modular intake weighs just 7 pounds. The composite material also rejects heat better than aluminum, and when combined with a valley tray that isolates the plenum and runners from hot engine oil, intake charge density and power are maximized.
Wilson Manifolds
(954)771-6216www. wilsonmanifolds.com

Grilled Bow Tie, Anyone?
Street Scene has announced the release of Speed grille inserts for the '07 Chevy Silverado Trucks. These grille inserts are available in chrome, satin aluminum (shown), high-polished stainless steel, or black chrome finishes. The Speed grille inserts are built from 5052-grade aluminum and are designed using a patented diamond-hole pattern that allows excellent airflow. lower valance Speed grille insertsm for the Silverado are also available for the OE valance and the Street Scene bumper cover.
Street Scene Equipment