No More Belt Slip
ATI is now making a line of supercharger conversion kits for the ATI Super Damper. If you are making more than 8 pounds of boost and have belt-slip problems, ATI has the fix for your LS-X-based engine. ATI is now offering 8-, 10-, and 12-rib kits, as well as an HTD cog-drive blower driver kit for your Super Damper and all of the accessory drives. Stop worrying about belt tensioners holding up and small belts pulling their weight. If you need to make real boost, then check out the supercharger drive kits.
ATI Performance Products

Hang On to That Wheel
Controlling a lifted '03-and-later Dodge Ram 2500/3500 on the road just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the new Extreme Drop pitman arm from Kelderman. When installing a lift kit, this exclusive component allows you to raise your truck 8 to 10 inches, while retaining the Ram's stock steering feel and capability. This is essential for safe handling and maximum enjoyment of your truck. The pitman arm installs with common tools and is compatible with most available lifts.
Kelderman Mfg.

Big or Bigger, You Decide
If you own an '07 Chevy/GMC 2WD pickup or SUV and want more stature, then check out one of Superlift's kits. For mild leveling, the company offers a 2-1/2-inch front kit that uses either preload rings under the factory coils or replacement high-pressure-gas Superlift monotube shocks with the factory coils. For more elevation, you can pick up the 6-inch kit that uses high-clearance, one-piece lower control-arm crossmembers, combined with replacement cast ductile iron knuckles. Rear lift options are 5-inch tapered blocks or Superide replacement springs.
Superlift Suspension Systems