Four-Three HP
Beef up your 4.3L Chevy with Performance Distributors' new Firepower Ignition Kit for '87-'96 Chevy and GMC trucks. The kit consists of the Screamin' Demon Coil, Live Wire plug wires, a Dyna-Module, and a brass terminal cap and rotor. The 4.3 Screamin' Demon Coil allows you to open up your plug gaps to 0.065 inch. The 1/2-inch-diameter Live Wires are built with a glass braid sleeve to add protection to as much as 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. To maximize conductivity, a brass terminal cap and rotor are used.
Performance Distributors

Power In A Box
Stinger announced that its entire line of Power2 batteries are now in stock and ready for shipment. Developed specifically for car audio enthusiasts, the Power2 battery line includes the SP680, SP800, SP1000, SP1500d, SP1700, and SP2150. These models deliver high-current capability, true deep-cycle operation, and a fast recharge rate. The batteries can be used in both primary and secondary deep-cycle applications. Their sealed, zero-maintenance design provides great durability and can be mounted in any position under the hood for easy customization.
Stinger Electronics

Is That A New 'Bag?
Firestone has a new air spring for all of you thrashers who beat up your air suspension. The company's Red Label high-pressure-series air spring has a reinforcing cord material that will operate at as much as 150 psi with a burst pressure above 400 psi. It's available with 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch single and dual ports.
Firestone Industrial Products
(800) 888-0650

A Cool Place To Hide Stuff
StorBoards from Force Automotive is a patented running board system that allows you to enter and exit your vehicle with the feature of lockable storage compartments that extend under the chassis. StorBoards are made from powdercoated 16-gauge steel to resist rust and feature full weatherstripping for water-resistance. They also come with removable pullout drawers, allowing storage for larger items such as skis or baseball equipment.
Force Automotive

Plug It Into Your Head
Recently, Pioneer Electronics (USA) introduced new car audio systems that meet the growing demand for MP3 playback by allowing you to connect portable music players directly to the stereo. The new line of Pioneer and Premier car stereos include six models with iPod direct capability, eight with USB connectivity, and eight with Bluetooth compatibility, four of which have Bluetooth direct. The entire line is compatible with either XM or Sirius Satellite Radio.
Pioneer electronics inc.

Go Ahead, Touch It
For those of you who clamor for ovals, this new flush five-wire Illuminated Billet Power Window Switch kit from Watson's StreetWorks fills the bill. The illumination on these rocker switches comes through two small holes, one in each finger dimple. The single oval frame measures 2-11/16-inch wide by 1-15/16-inch high, and the double oval frame is 3-1/8-inch wide by 2-1/4-inch high. Frames mount with blind studs from behind. As always, the kits come complete with all necessary wire hook-ups, as well as installation instructions.
Watson's Streetworks

Unleash Ford's Fire With The Fuego Tuner
Stylin' Concepts is pleased to announce the addition of the GMS Fuego Performance Tuner to its extensive product catalog. Check and clear trouble codes, reprogram shift points, or reprogram any number of engine parameters to get improvements by as much as 35 hp on gas engine vehicles and as much as 160 hp on diesels. The all-in-one vehicle performance tuner plugs directly into the vehicle's diagnostic port and will work on any late-model Ford car, truck, or SUV.
Stylin' Concepts

Still Slick Even at 50
The new, Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment is constructed from a base of fully formulated 10W-30 motor oil that meets ILSAC GF-4 motor oil specifications, ensuring it receives the maximum benefits of quality motor oil. Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment will not dilute the protective properties of motor oil and reduce engine friction 17 percent better, on average, than when using the leading motor oil alone.
Slick 50

Classic Enterprises is now stamping out tailgates for wide and narrow box '51-'85 Dodge pickups and Power Wagons. Accurately die-stamped in original gauge steel, these gates are DaimlerChrysler-approved and sure to fit your classic truck.
Classic Enterprises

Chivalry Is Dead With Chevrolet
Have you ever stood outside your Colorado or Canyon tryin' to impress a girl by opening the door for her and wonder why Chevy didn't put a keyhole in the passenger-side door handle? Clean Cut Creations has come up with a solution for this problem by offering a complete retrofit kit. The kit includes a passenger-door handle, lock cylinder, and latch. This kit will work on manual and power locks.
Clean Cut Creations

Cover Your Rear End
Oasis Differential Covers are engineered to protect your '03-'06 Dodge Rams running gear from both heat and road hazards while adding high style. These covers are constructed of aluminum alloy and increase the gear oil capacity by nearly one full quart, reducing operating temperature. They also feature a beefy 1/4- to 3/8-inch walls, coupled with a 1/2-inch flange, making them significantly more robust than stock covers. Oasis Differential Covers for Dodge Ram trucks are available in several finishes, including polished, painted, or raw, and are proudly manufactured in the USA.
Oasis Differential Covers

Funny Name, Good Tools
The IQV Series cordless tools from Ingersoll Rand includes 19 different tool models, six battery models, a universal battery charger, a battery analyzer, and a full line of accessories. The tools feature a metal reinforced composite housing to protect against the damage we gearheads put our tools through. To support the new line of tools, Ingersoll Rand has designed one charger that charges all voltages and chemistries, including nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries from 7.2 to 19.2 volts. These tools include a one-year, hassle-free tool and charger replacement, a 2-year or 1,000 charges limited battery warranty, and a three-year limited warranty on tool and charger.
Ingersoll Rand
(800) 376-8665

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