Power-Monster Muffler
Flowmaster's new Super 44 muffler delivers a rich, deep tone with its improved Flow Path Radius, optimum internal flow, and sound control engineering. The Super 44 is the most aggressive, deepest sounding, highest performing street muffler the company has produced to date. These 4-inch-thick, American-made, all-black mufflers fit a wide range of vehicles, while exceeding OEM build-quality specifications.
Flowmaster Inc.
(800) 544-4761www.flowmastermufflers.com

Mad Module
The VK-Pro power module is a complete plug-'n'-play tuning solution for '04-'06 Nissan and Infinity owners who want to take their Titan, Armada, or QX56 to the top levels of NA tuning. By variably adjusting timing and fuel, the Stillen VK-Pro optimizes the power of the 5.6L V-8 to extract 30 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque. All of this power is hidden in every showroom stock vehicle. This system is designed as a plug-'n'-play unit that can be easily installed and removed with factory connectors. No cutting, splicing, soldering, or other modifications are required. Trucks with an intake, exhaust, and headers will also see these great benefits.
(888) 455-0595www.stillen.com

Bitchen Blocks
These heavy-duty lift or lowering cast-iron blocks can be used to raise or lower the back of your ride, depending on axle/spring configuration. The kits are available in various sizes and feature zinc-plated U-bolts and hardware.
American Auto Accessories
(310) 436-3600www.3aracing.com

Insane Intake
True Flow, a manufacturer of automotive air filters and intakes, introduces the XDI (Xtreme Duty Intake) for universal and late-model direct bolt-on applications. Many heavy-duty trucks suffer from undersized air filter boxes that choke down airflow to minimal engine requirements. True Flow replaces the factory airbox and restrictive factory plastic tube to increase airflow beyond the engine's capabilities. A critical part of the XDI system is its True Flow air filter. Unique to the industry, foam air filters have great performance capabilities and filtration properties. These incredibly durable air filters are easily cleaned and offer a limited lifetime warranty.
True Flow
(866) 999-9098www.trueflow.com

Liquid Luster
Meguiar's Solo System has a unique abrasive cycle that meets the challenge of taking one liquid and removing different types of paint defects, severe and fine, by changing the pad used. As an alternative to a hard backing plate, the Easy Buff Rotary Backing Plate is a cushioned backing plate that more evenly distributes pressure for smoother buffing. The result is a slicker final finish, the elimination of swirl marks, and a greatly reduced chance of burns on edges.
(800) 347-5700www.meguiars.com

Maniacal Magna Charger
One of Chevy's best-kept secrets is its new TrailBlazer SS that combines the ride and handling of a lightweight SUV with the powerful punch of a Corvette-based LS2 engine. The new hybrid Roots-style, intercooled supercharger system adds an additional 120-plus rear-wheel horsepower to the already-impressive LS2. This system uses the Magnuson Products MP112 supercharger with internal bypass valve. It reduces supercharger parasitic drag to less than 1 horsepower for normal driving conditions. The Magna Charger kit is complete with a computer program that is uploaded to the vehicle's ECU for optimized engine and transmission calibration. There is an optional 3-year, 36-month complete powertrain warranty available for added customer peace of mind.
Magnuson Products
(805) 642-8833www.magnusonproducts.com