Smooth As Glass
Gaylord's has released a new TL-Series bedcover for the '07 Toyota Tundra. This fiberglass cover features the company's E-Z Auto Open Arm that automatically opens the cover with the use of a key or optional keyless remote. Gaylord's E-Z Grip Clamp-On Mounting System allows for a 15-minute installation with no specialty tools and no drilling into your truck. The covers come painted to the factory specs and feature a weather seal to keep the insides nice and dry.

S-10 Six-Link V3.0
This new S-10 Six-Link has been revised several times to get to the stage it's at now. Over the past couple years, CanDo Specialties has listened to its customers and redesigned the kit-talk about a huge R&D department. Some of the new features on the kit are a new raised gas tank crossmember, including the upper four-link mounts, pre-TIG-welded on the crossmember. The upper four-link bar ends are angled, instead of the brackets, so they won't bind up from side to side. Also, the axle brackets are notched to allow more travel, and there's a new 'bag mount on top of the cantilever bars. All of the parts CanDo produces are machined or laser-cut, then TIG-welded.
CanDo Specialties Inc.
(530) 533-8680

Sticky Rubber
Toyo Tires announces the official release of the Proxes R888 R-compound DOT-approved competition tire. The Proxes R888 delivers outstanding grip for high-performance driving. The Proxes R888's tread design delivers a continuous center contact for excellent traction and directional control during dry braking. In semi-slick shoulder areas, the tires maintain large surface contact during cornering for an immediate steering response and ultimate dry traction. The combination of the two provides a large overall surface area for optimized contact-pressure distribution during cornering, braking, and acceleration. The Proxes R888 will be available in mainstream 17- to 19-inch sizes, beginning this summer. Several additional sizes will be released through spring of 2008.
Toyo Tire Corp.

Spill No More
The new Oil Buddy II is a spill-proof oil spout that makes refilling of motor oil and transmission fluid easier and cleaner. A spring-loaded automatic on/off valve opens and closes the spout, eliminating spills and cleanup. The spout is available in two colors. One can be used for oil, the other for anti-freeze coolant or windshield washer fluid. Oil Buddy ll fits standard oil and anti-freeze containers.
Oil Buddy II

Ain't That Tuff Enough?
Tuff Stuff introduces its new line of GM and Ford Silver Bullet alternator upgrades. The specially designed, smooth die-cast housings are carefully hand-polished and triple-chrome-plated. The alternators come with a billet aluminum fan and your choice of serpentine or V-groove nose pulleys. Silver Bullet alternators are available in most popular models with outputs as much as 225 amps on many vehicles.
Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories