When You Can't Find The Right Plug
Casper's Electronics announces a new line of sealed male connectors, compatible with Delphi three-, four-, five-, and six-way 3.5mm Metripack female Pull-To-Seat connectors. These are the missing links to the OEM connections. The Delphi OEM connectors used extensively on GM products are typically designed to plug in to various sensors and devices found on the engine and chassis. Casper's connectors provide a mating connection to the OEM connector, which enables designers to extend sensor and device connections with direct plug-in capability, using P2S terminals and OEM seals, thereby providing a water-tight sealed connection to the device wiring.
Casper's Electronics Inc.
(847) 247-0484www.casperselectronics.com

Talk To Your Truck
Cell phones have become a way of life for most motorists, but they carry with them the risk of distraction. Now, you can stay connected on the road and enjoy the safety and convenience of a Bluetooth phone system with the CiG Blue Bluetooth Phone System from Vizualogic. This new hands-free system features a clean, original-equipment look, and it works with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. The sound plays through the truck's speakers, allowing you to keep both hands safely on the steering wheel.
(800) 624-7960www.vizualogic.com

Loud Or Quiet, You Decide
Noweeds.net is now offering a no-weld electric exhaust diverter system that features Dakota Digital's linear actuators and controls. Noweeds.net designs and manufactures weld and non-weld exhaust diverter systems in various sizes for just about any exhaust system. Once installed, all you have to do is hit a switch, and voila, you have that open-header sound and performance.
(605) 830-1146www.noweeds.net

Plug In For Power
ACCEL/DFI announces the availability of an all-new Power Processor handheld Flash Tool, which is pre-programmed with three tune files each for the most popular Ford models. This tuner is available for most '96-'06 Ford trucks with either gasoline or diesel engines. It also allows easy reading, clearing, and diagnosis of DTC trouble codes and Check Engine lights, and it has a USB interface to ensure quick file transfer.

Bitchen Switch Box
This classy, soft-open switch panel can be installed anywhere that rear clearance is available, allowing the panel to be open or closed, as needed. It is easy to wire and install, and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Its highly polished, precision-machined surfaces perfectly accent the custom interior of any car or truck. Machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and available in six- or 12-button configurations.
KT Components
(714) 630-7144www.kendonusa.com

Mouse Motor Power
Holley announces the availability of its new Stealth Ram Fuel Injection systems with wide-band O2 for small-block Chevy engines with Vortec L31 cylinder heads. Powered by Holley's Commander 950 ECU, the Stealth Ram system uses a unique Tunnel Ram design for increased airflow, resulting in more horsepower and torque. The systems are available with 24-, 30-, 36-, or 42-lb/hr injectors and come with either a polished or satin-finished intake manifold capable of supporting engines making 300 to 670 hp. The HEI small cap and Holley's 890-160 distributors will clear the tunnel ram design and plug directly into the Commander 950 electronics and throttle linkage. Hook-ups are a snap using a GM TPI or Lokar TPI linkage kit.
(800) 465-5391www.holley.com

The Motivator
The Motivator from Detata Wheels is now available in 20- and 22-inch sizes. The Motivator comes in either in diamond chrome, black chrome, or machined midnight black finishes in a variety of application fitments. This wheel, along with all of the '07 Detata truck collection, can be viewed at the company's website.
Detata Wheels
(877) 525-5697www.detata.com