New Vintage Carbs
Inspired by the growing popularity of old-school hot rods, Demon Carburetion has joined this niche market with the introduction of the Demon 98 carburetor. This retro two-barrel high-performance carburetor, designed to fit '30s-style three-bolt intake manifolds, can be fitted singly or in multiples, and it is a replacement for the Stromberg 97. Rated at around 205 cfm (per unit), the 98 is designed to accept period-style air cleaners or air horns. It also employs many commonly available service parts, facilitates a choke, and operates at 6 to 7 psi of fuel pressure. The Demon 98 is available in a standard gold retro look, with an optional chrome finish available at a later date.
Demon Carburetion

New Truck, New Tune
JET Performance Products has released two new performance modules for '08 Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GM trucks and fullsize SUVs with 2.9-, 3.7-, 4.3-, 4.8-, 5.3-, 6.0- and 6.2L engines. These inline tuning devices install in between the factory computer and wiring harness, and the company claims gains of as much as 21 horsepower. The performance module modifies ignition advance, air/fuel ratio, transmission shifting, and other parameters to performance-tune the vehicle. These plug-in modules can be easily installed in less than 30 minutes with no tools required.
JET Performance Products

Just Think of the Possibilities
Twenty20 is now offering an all-encompassing camera that mounts hands-free to nearly any object, to record and store smooth camcorder-quality video. The purpose of the wearable camcorder is to eliminate the pain of recording action video. The extremely rugged unit isn't much bigger than a cell phone and records to an SD memory card.

Make a Big Truck Bigger
Pro Comp Suspension is now making a 6-inch suspension system for the '07 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. One-piece drop-down crossmembers and high-strength extended steering knuckles preserve factory suspension and steering geometry. Stage II systems feature MX 2.75c-series coilover front shocks and MX6 adjustable rear shocks. Stage I systems are available with spacers for the factory front struts and ES9000 rear shock absorbers. The added 6 inches of lift allows the use of 35-inch tires with no need to cut any sheetmetal.
Pro Comp Suspension

Go Lower
Belltech now offers a low-profile transmission crossmember for all '04-and-later Colorados/Canyons. A gain of 2-1/4 inches of clearance is achieved using this crossmember. Belltech's low-profile design reduces the risk of bottoming out on extremely lowered trucks. The crossmembers are designed to exceed OEM load specifications and are a direct replacement of the factory unit. All crossmembers are Heliarc-welded and powdercoated for a lasting finish.