1. Shiny Power
Charge up your electrical system and look good at the same time with the new 160-amp Silver Bullet alternators from Tuff Stuff. High-tech rotors and stators built with higher copper and steel content deliver great output and are load-tested to ensure the highest reliability. Ultralow cut-in voltage keeps extra amps flowing at low-idle situations. Made in the USA.
Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories
(800) 331-6562

2. No Glove, No Boom Boom
Boom Mat speaker baffles are made from a high-tech, closed-cell polyethylene, which encases the speaker to seal out dirt and moisture while providing a protective shell. They also maximize the speaker performance by isolating the correct frequency response while damping reverberation distortion in the vehicle's body and panels. Sold in pairs and available in 16 different sizes, covering the most popular speaker sizes.
Design Engineering
(800) 264-9472

3. Prevent Scratches
From Wise Industries, makers of the BedRug, comes Bed Gasket. Offering additional factory bed-paint protection for pickup trucks equipped with hard-plastic drop-in liners, the new Bed Gasket is a five-piece molded kit cut from rugged, 1/8-inch polypropylene foam that protects 100 percent of the original bed surface, helping to eliminate paint abrasion caused by hard-plastic liners to the floor, tailgate, bulkhead, and sidewall sections.
Wise Industries
(800) 462-8435

4. Big Wheels Keep On Rollin'
Wanli Performance Tire has launched the Wanli S2085 High Performance A/T line. The new tire is an H-rated all-terrain tire built specifically for light-truck/SUV applications. Sizes available now are 275/55HR20 and 285/50HR20, with more sizes, including 305/40HR22, to come.
Wanli Performance Tire

5. Deep Pan
PML announces an extra-capacity, sand-cast transmission pan for '07-and-newer Dodge Ram 2500/3500 trucks with diesel engines. This pan fits both four- and two-wheel-drive models and increases the transmission's oil capacity by 3-1/8 quarts for two-wheel-drive models and 2-1/2 quarts for four-wheel-drive. The increased oil capacity reduces oil temperatures. The pan is available in as-cast, black, and polished finishes.
(310) 671-4345