6. Tundra Power
advanced Flow engineering (aFe), is pleased to announce the release of its new Stage 2 Si cold-air intake for the '07-'08 Toyota Tundra. This kit includes a one-piece molded airbox that utilizes the stock inlet for maximum cold-air induction. The brushed-aluminum cover blocks engine heat and directs cold air through the filter. This system also includes an integrated MAF-sensor pad that is fine-tuned for maximum horsepower.
advanced Flow engineering
(866) 503-9911

7. Lift For Titan Owners
BDS Suspension has released a 2.5-inch lift kit for the '04-'07 Nissan Titan. The kit comes with new upper strut mounts that add preload as well as a top spacer all in one piece. This additional preload is used to offset the increased tire weight. Titan owners can choose a leveling kit or add an optional 1-inch block and U-bolt kit to maintain the tail-high stance. New 5500-series rear shocks are supplied with the complete front and rear lift kit.
BDS Suspension Co.
(517) 279-2135

8. Mobile Air
Firestone's versatile Inflation Station portable air compressors are the perfect accessory to have on hand during family vacations, camping trips, sporting events, and more. Available in two models, Firestone Inflation Stations are designed to instantly supply up to 150 psi to inflate air springs, tires, air mattresses, rafts, basketballs, or whatever requires air.
Firestone Industrial Products
(800) 888-0650

9. Easy Plug-In
Valley now offers a harness that provides both seven-way and four-flat connection points at the rear of the vehicle. Valley's factory-style combination harness is a noninvasive connector that plugs directly into existing vehicle harnesses on most models. The combination harness has applications available for most current-model Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Dodge, Hummer, Isuzu, Nissan, and Oldsmobile trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles.
Valley Industries
(209) 368-8881

10. Classic Glass
This entire one-piece hood and fender assembly for '47-'54 Chevy trucks has been meticulously designed and molded by Fairlane to replicate the original sheetmetal. The long-life fiberglass shell uses only the finest-quality resins and molds to reproduce the exact details of the original design. Fairlane also offers a 3-year warranty on all the products it sells.
Fairlane Co.
(248) 676-9293

11. Square-Body Grilles
The Special Edition grille from LMC is a blend of OEM and custom designs for '73-'87 Chevy/GMC trucks. The automotive-grade-thermoplastic all-chrome grille is injection-molded so it bolts right into the stock location. Unlike billet, there will be no bent or warped bars to deal with. Finish off the look with a GMC emblem or billet Bow Tie.
LMC Truck
(800) 562-8782

12. Hemi Huffer
ProCharger is now in full production on its HO Intercooled System for the Dodge Hemi Ram. This system produces a 45- to 50-percent power gain on stock motors running pump gas with 6 psi of intercooled boost. Features include a self-contained supercharger with an available 3-year warranty and a three-core, air-to-air intercooler with a standard 3-year warranty. The Dodge Hemi Ram system is 100-percent complete with supplemental injectors and programming to ensure maximum performance.
(913) 338-2886