Complete Oil Burners
Banks Power announces availability of complete Duramax diesel engines. These are new Duramax engines assembled by Dmax Ltd. in Moraine, Ohio. They include the following key components: cylinder block, cylinder heads, rotating assembly (crank, pistons, rods, etc.), valvetrain (cam, valves, lifters, springs, etc.), VG turbocharger, EGR system, fuel system (CP3 pump, injectors, HP rails), oil pan, water pump, flywheel housing (with GM bolt pattern), engine wiring harness, flexplate, and front damper. The engines come dressed with factory equipment only and do not include an ECU, fan, A/C compressor, alternator, or starter.
Gale Banks Engineering
(877) 278-0213

Build Your Own Exhaust
Heartthrob Exhaust offers build-it-yourself exhaust kits. Each kit contains four 4-foot lengths of tube, four 45-degree bends, and four 90-degree bends. You supply your own mufflers, hangers, and labor. The kits are available in mandrel-bent, 16-gauge aluminized, or 304 stainless in 2-1/4-, 2-1/2-, and 3-inch diameters.
Heartthrob Exhaust Accessories
(320) 693-0222

Big Boom, Little Room
If you have a standard-cab truck and still want big bass, check out the Kicker CompVT line of thin subwoofers from Stillwater Designs. They come in 6.5- and 8-inch sizes and can be mounted directly against the rear wall of a sealed or vented enclosure, permitting the woofers to perform in depths less than 3-3/8 inches.
Stillwater Designs
(800) 256-5425

Keep It Clean
Eagle One has two new products in its detailing arsenal: Tire Shine Gel and A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner. The thick Tire Shine Gel clings to the tire with no drip or sling. The result is a lasting, glossy shine that will complement great-looking wheels. The A2Z, which now comes in a convenient aerosol can, cleans wheels with a thick foam to dissolve road grime and brake dust. Just spray on and hose off.
Eagle One
(877) 5-Eagleone

Move That Tank
The engineers at Performance Online have expanded their classic truck product line by offering the first rear-mount aluminum fuel tank for '73-'87 Chevrolet C10/C20 trucks. These fuel tanks mount behind the rear axle and offer increased fuel capacity and safety and replace the factory-recalled sidesaddle tank. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, these 19-gallon tanks offer a lightweight design and are fully baffled.
Performance Online
(800) 638-1703

Make It Handle
On The Ground Performance (OTGP) has a suspension upgrade kit for '99-'04 Ford F-150 Lightnings and '97-'03 F-150s. This kit includes tubular upper and lower control arms and a power rack-and-pinion kit. OTGP has redesigned the arms for the performance market. The upper ball joints have been relocated to the rear of the vehicle for an additional 3-plus degrees of positive caster, as well as being shifted outboard to compensate for lowered vehicles to achieve 0 degrees of camber if necessary. The ball-joint angle has been changed to correct angularity problems associated with lowered vehicles with stock upper control arms. The ball joint is now correctly aligned with the spindle. A 15:1 power rack-and-pinion comes with all the lines, fittings, stainless steel universal joints, steering shaft, and idler bearing as well as a fabricated steering-idler bracket and all hardware necessary for a complete bolt-in assembly.
On The Ground Performance
(410) 549-1112