A Stain in Your Bed You Can Be Proud OfBruce Horkey has Old Master Gel Stains that are geared for the do-it-yourselfer who wants the finest finish possible. While varnish will warm and highlight the natural colors of the wood and offer protection from the elements, these special gel stains give a more even color tone while providing additional UV protection that varnish alone cannot provide.

Bruce Horkey's Wood and Parts
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Because Bad Graphics Suck
Custom Painting uses 416 color photos to show you how to accomplish a variety of custom painting applications and techniques. From stripes to scallops to flames, candies to pearls to 'flakes, fades to fogs to blends, Custom Painting covers it all. The book shows you how to apply these various looks with helpful how-to tips and explains the many-often mysterious-custom painting techniques and tricks.

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Big Boom, Small Size
Pioneer's newest additions to its GM series of amplifiers are the GM-D7400M and GM-D8400M. Both of these mono amplifiers use Class-D digital technology, making them 80 to 95 percent more efficient than conventional Class A/B amplifiers. Plus, they're more compact-reduced in size by 45 percent-making them easier to install. The new Class-D amps are designed for producing low bass frequencies and are perfect for large subwoofers.

Pioneer Electronics USA

Do You Have Key-Fob Envy?
Want to add power door locks or a keyless-entry system to your truck? Then check out this kit from A1 Electric that is designed to work on late-model trucks with a flexible cable between the door latch and knob. The kit comes with brackets and actuators designed specifically for cable-type systems. Many trucks, including the Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan, are equipped with cable-actuated-type locks.

A1 Electric Automotive Accessories
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Burly 4L85E Trans
Gearstar Performance Transmissions beefs up the 4L85E trans to take up to 1,000 hp worth of punishment. These shift boxes received a complete upgrade to the internals, including pump gears, sprag assembly, and all-new electronics (shift solenoids, wiring harness, switches, etc.). Harnessing 1,000 hp is aided with the use of a Yank Racing 11-inch billet converter, a manual valvebody, and a trans brake.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions
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