Control Your Taco'
LC Engineering offers Pro Fuel Injection kits for Toyota four- and six-cylinder engines. If you've ever changed cams or added a supercharger or other performance-enhancing parts, you'll want to check out this kit. Based on the SDS EM-4 system, the kit is a fully programmable, stand-alone engine management system designed to replace the factory Toyota injection computer or convert your carbureted engine to fuel injection. This system utilizes an easy-to-understand LCD display, and adjustments are made from the included controller.

LC Engineering
(928) 505-2501

Three Deuces, and We Don't Mean Wheels
The Demon 98 is a retro two-barrel high-performance carburetor that fits '30s-style three-bolt intake manifolds of vintage engines: flathead, Y-block, Hemi, or nailhead. The 98 employs conventional 6-7 psi rather than the Stromberg's 3-4 psi for an easy install with today's fuel pumps. Two models of the 98 are now available: a primary and a secondary. Each is rated around 205 cfm.

Barry Grant
(706) 864-8544

Up Your Cool With Big Wheels
DeModa Concept Wheels has a new wheel for your truck to make the neighbors envious. The Concerto comes in 20-, 22-, and 24-inch diameters and fits five- and six-lug trucks. They are constructed from a cast aluminum alloy and come finished in black with a polished lip, chrome, or a machined finish with an onyx lip.

Autotech Accessories
(661) 250-3000

Solid Steering For Your Mopar
The stock steering shaft is designed with a steering coupler, which is prone to wear, and in many instances the OE replacement is no longer available. Borgeson offers a replacement steering shaft for '79-'93 Dodge trucks. Borgeson also offers an upgraded assembly that removes the rag joint and replaces it with a second U-joint.

Borgeson Universal
(860) 482-8283

Chevrolet Smile
Nu Image is now offering these sweet grilles from its Crown Grille Collection. Constructed from 304 stainless steel that is chrome-plated, these babies are durable enough to come with a three-year warranty. '07 and '08 Chevrolet trucks and SUVs are covered right now with more to follow.

Nu Image Components
(951) 278-2467

Retro Air Cleaner
Imagine opening the hood of your truck to find the old "oil bath"-style air intake made famous by '51-'56 Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles. Unlike the original oil-bath intakes, this kit uses a standard, off-the-shelf, 14x4-inch paper air filter. The complete kit includes all-steel air cleaner top and base, an air filter, a rocket-style wing nut, carburetor stud, and decal. Universal fit for any 5-1/8-inch-throat carburetor or throttle body.

Stylin' Trucks
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Be A Better Fabricator
Notching and welding tubing of any size has always been a time-consuming and difficult task. The PipeMaster eliminates all of the guesswork in tube fitting and provides you with the exact shape for a perfect cut every time. PipeMaster tools are available in sizes from 1/2 inch to 12 inches in diameter and are a great addition to your welding toolbox.

(360) 668-3291