The LS Rollers And The Rockin' Band
Proform has a new addition to its line of performance valvetrain products. These new roller rockers for the GM LS1 and LS6 engines are engineered to replace the factory rockers and fit under the stock GM valve covers. Roller rockers reduce internal friction and wear, as well as prolong valvetrain component life. They can be used with all types of engine oil and additive lubricants. They are available in 1.7-ratio or 1.8-ratio and can be installed with normal handtools.

Proform/Specialty Auto Parts
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Classic, Modern, Cool
These aftermarket valve covers from PML will fit the heads found on many crate engines and factory powerplants in '87-'98 Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs. The sand-cast aluminum construction is stiffer than stock, so the two center bolts aren't needed to keep a seal. The PCV/breather/oil-fill holes are also removed from the top surface, but if these holes are needed they can be cut into the intake side of the cover. The slightly taller than stock covers are available in as-cast, black, or Chevrolet Orange powdercoat with brushed fins and script, and in polished finishes.
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Slithery Wheels
New Mamba Offroad alloys are unique in design and rugged. Mamba wheels feature a diamond-cut, clearcoated finish and, depending on wheel style, include forged 6061 aluminum trim bolts, studs, and nuts. Each design includes a two-piece, die-cast aluminum center cap with stainless steel hardware. Four styles are available in 17-to 22-inch sizes and with offsets for stock-height and lifted trucks.
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Fast EFI
Fast introduces truly complete electronic fuel injection kits to convert big- and small-block Chevy and Ford engines to EFI. To remove the confusion of what to buy, FAST has included every single component needed to install fully sequential EFI. The kits include an XFI controller, a Dual-Sync distributor, a single-plane aluminum intake manifold, Big Mouth 4-Barrel Throttle Body, proper-size Precision-Flow fuel injectors, aluminum fuel rails, a fuel pump kit, all necessary sensors, and professional-quality wiring harnesses with labeled connectors.
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Instant Command Center
Alpine Electronics of America announced that its IVA-W505 mobile multimedia station is now available for purchase. The IVA-W505 is a DVD/CD/MP3/AAC/WMA/DivX audio/video head unit that boasts touchscreen control over virtually any digital media source in the car, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The double-DIN unit is compatible with iPods, satellite radio, HD radio, and Alpine's PMD-B200 Blackbird portable navigation device. There are many more features to the IVA-W505, but you'll have to contact Alpine for a full list.

Viva LA revolution!
Have you wanted to change the steering wheel on your truck or SUV but held off because you don't want to lose the factory SRS airbag? Now Grant Revolution steering wheels give you the freedom to customize the interior without eliminating the airbag. Grant starts with the original factory wheel frame then creates a unique design around it while retaining all the wheel controls. Installation should take less than an hour, and these steering wheels are available for new Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and Cadillac vehicles.
Grant Products
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Little Package, Big Punch
Optima's SpiralCell, leak-proof, vibration-resistant, and maintenance-free batteries are now available in Group 51 sizes for smaller vehicles. Optima's new YellowTop 51 gives a higher power-to-weight ratio than an ordinary lead-acid, flat-plate-style battery. The new Group 51 battery adds to an already extensive line of Optima batteries including the Group 35, Group 75/25, Group 34, and Group 31 YellowTop models.

Optima Batteries
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