1. Get Your Kicks...
The new Rte 66 rollers from Intro Custom Wheels are big, shiny, and chock-full of hot-rod styling. There are six different styles in the new line to choose from, including the Sedona shown here. They are available in five-lug versions with six and eight coming soon. You can get them in 17- to 24-inch diameters depending on how high your cool factor is. All Rte 66 wheels are 100-percent billet aluminum and come polished inside and out.
Intro Custom Wheels
(800) 454-6876

2. Affordable Bumpstick
BareBones is a new line of affordable cam-and-lifter kits for high-performance street and mild race engines from Lunati. Starting at just over a 100 bucks, these aggressive, hydraulic, flat-tappet cam-and-lifter kits deliver more usable horsepower for your Chevy or Ford mill. BareBones cam kits feature asymmetrical lobe designs paired with high-quality lifters. The camshaft improves throttle response and acceleration and maintains good engine vacuum on street machines.
(662) 892-1500

3. Single-handed Steering
Borgeson offers a power steering conversion for '66-'87 trucks with outside-the-frame box mounting. These conversions are based around the variable-ratio GM 700 power steering gearbox, giving you a smooth, comfortably driving pickup. Borgeson offers both self-contained and remote-fill style pumps, pump brackets for multiple applications, and hose kits in both rubber OE-style and braided stainless steel.
Borgeson Universal
(860) 482-8283

4. Clean Connection
The Reel-Deal is a self-adjusting retractable wire-harness device that keeps your trailer's wiring safe and tidy. It will protect your trailer's wires from low-lying brush, road debris, and ongoing damage due to loose or dragging wires or from unexpected tension, preventing accidental disconnects.
Independent Solutions
(682) 365-2664

5. Front Resto
Do you have an '88-'93 Chevy truck but want a '94-'98-style grille? This kit from Latemodel Restoration has everything you need in one kit. It includes a new chrome grille assembly, factory-style headlights, park lights, and side markers. Bumper filler sold separately. Also available with clear, diamond-style lighting.
Latemodel Restoration Supply
(866) 507-3786

6. Racy Covers
Hamburger's is now welding up fabricated aluminum valve covers for popular Chevy and Ford applications. The tall design offers clearance for rocker-arm assemblies and stud girdles. They are available with or without baffles and breather holes; all models are built using 6061-T6 aluminum and employ sturdy, 1/4-inch billet flanges for a leak-free seal.
Hamburger's Performance Products
(562) 921-0404