1. Nice Box
Montezuma Mfg. offers a complete line of portable-top-chest and roller-cabinet toolboxes. The LA400 shown here is Montezuma's largest portable toolbox. It features a compact, efficient design that shows tool inventory at a glance. The lockable lid secures everything in position when closed and provides all-weather and rain protection. The box is made of 16-gauge steel with welded seams and has sturdy side handles for easy moving. You can get the box in black, white, or red powdercoat finish.
Montezuma Mfg.
(620) 846-2482

2. Slide Some Oil to Me
Shell's new Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 motor oil offers improved protection for light- and medium-duty diesel truck engines. This synthetic 5W-40 offers significant improvements in wear protection, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance, and protection in extreme climates. The motor oil can also provide enhanced fuel economy versus conventional 5W-40 motor oil. Shell Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 meets or exceeds API CJ-4 specifications.
Shell Rotella

3. Sit in Style
LeatherSeats.com's seat cover kits bring new life to your old cloth or leather interior. These kits replace the existing upholstery in your vehicle to give you either that clean factory leather look or that custom one-off interior you have always wanted. The kits are designed from the factory seat covers to ensure ease of installation and a great fit. Available for most trucks in over 60 different colors and even in some exotic materials such as ostrich and alligator. Pictured is an F-150 Crew Cab in black leather with stone inserts.
(866) 639-7328

4. See What's Coming
Sleekster lightbars mount directly to the frame to hold lights rigidly and protect the front of your truck. They are made from 1-3/4-inch, 0.120-wall steel tube with laser-cut brackets and light tabs. The lightbars are finished with a high-quality, three-stage candy-chrome powdercoat, with some applications available in black. No drilling, cutting, or welding is required because the assemblies bolt right on using factory mounting locations and are compatible with factory towhooks.
Randy Ellis Design
(602) 803-1122

5. Deep Breathing
K&N claims its high-flow intake system for the '08 Colorado/Canyon/H3 3.7L L5 increases horsepower by 10.97 hp at 4,754 rpm over the stock configuration. The system completely replaces the stock stuff to add a washable high-flow filter and polyethylene tube that is formed and shaped to allow more air into the engine. Protecting the chrome-top cone-shaped air filter and isolating it from engine heat is a powdercoated steel heat shield.
K&N Engineering
(800) 858-3333

6. Shut It!
Are your truck's doors hard to close or not latching properly? Are the door hinges sagging? If so, Brothers has you covered. The company offers a complete line of door hinges, door latches, door-latch relays, and door-latch striker plates to keep your '47-'87 Chevy and GMC doors aligned and closing properly.
Brothers mail order industries
(800) 977-2767