Murdered-Out Rims
Rimz One is announcing a new wheel that is a perfect addition to that dark, murdered-out look. The XD 441 from KMC comes in the cool matte black finish, but you can still order it in chrome if you want. Available in 18x9, 20x9, and 22x9.5 sizes and with 5-, 6-, and 8-lug bolt patterns, these wheels are sure to up the cool factor of your big truck.
Rimz One
(800) 710-9411

Diesel Power
The K&N High-Flow intake system for 6.6L Duramax LMM '07-'08 Chevy and GMC trucks increases power by 19.67 hp at 2,900 rpm over the stock GM intake configuration. The new system draws air through a washable air filter, which increases airflow and dirt capacity. The kit can be installed in 90 minutes or less and is backed by K&N's million-mile limited warranty.
K&N Engineering
(800) 858-3333

Go Ahead, Touch It
Check out the newest wheel from Flaming River-the Navigator. The Navigator uses a contemporary version of the three-spoke design, surrounded by a combination of mahogany and Italian leather in either black, light gray, or light tan. The wheel is 13.8 inches in diameter with a slight 1-1/4-inch dish. The horn button is included and further enhances the theme with a mahogany inlay in the hub.
Flaming River
(800) 648-8022

Shiny Blades
Looking to up the shine on your classic truck? Check out the full line of premium triple chrome-plated bumpers that Brothers Trucks has to offer. They are exact reproductions of the original blades, so fitment should not be an issue. '47-'87 Chevy and GMC applications are available, and don't forget to pick up new bumper bolts while you are at it.
Brothers Trucks
(951) 808-9790

Detail That Frame
Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Chassis Black imbeds finely ground ceramic particles into a two-component urethane base. This produces a chip- and chemical- resistant coating that will stand up against the harsh UV rays of the sun. This coating is easily applied with an HVLP spray gun with a 1.5 to 1.7 size nozzle. If you don't have a spray gun you can pick one up from Eastwood as well.
The Eastwood Company
(800) 345-1178

Blue Oval Lift Kit
Pro Comp Suspension is proud to announce the release of the new Level Lift suspension system for the '09 Ford F-150. This easy-to-install system raises the front end for a level stance and allows fitment of 35-inch-tall tires. Each kit is constructed of heavy-duty steel and features a durable black powdercoat finish for corrosion protection and lasting good looks.
Pro Comp Suspension
(800) 776-0767

Universal Mufflers
Aero Performance Products' new STX line of mufflers contains Aeroturbine technology intertwined with a high-heat ceramic packing that cancels in-cab resonance and does away with internal muffler blow-outs. The muffler reduces backpressure by freeing up the exhaust and drops exhaust gas temperatures so your engine can breathe easier.
Aero Performance
(877) 266-5356

Drop-In Distributors
These all-new HEI distributors include Genuine GM Performance Parts melonized gears, which are required on all GM Performance Parts crate engines. They also feature sintered steel weights, a high-performance module, a low-friction cam, bronze bushings, and a durable, coated shaft. Installation is simple-just drop-it-in, hook up 12-volt power, string your plug wires, and you are ready.
Specialty Auto Parts
(586) 774-2500