1. Light It Up
See and be seen with StreetGlow's new LED Side Bars for light- and medium-duty trucks and SUVs. These side bars illuminate in amber as running and parking lights, and glow white as courtesy step lights. They fit most trucks and SUVs, and the amber lights can also be connected to the directional lights rather than running/parking lights. StreetGlow side bars are available in pairs of 38-inch or 57-inch lengths for two-door vehicles and four-door or extended-cab vehicles.
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2.Keep It Clean
The new product line was created to give you a more efficient way to get professional results. The comprehensive line includes unique microfiber products, lightweight ergonomic brushes, and finishing products. The products have been designed to make it easier to keep your truck looking its best. Now you have fewer excuses to clean your truck, so get off your butt and do it.
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3. Run It Dry
The Volant PowerCore air filter exceeds OEM specifications, flows more air, never needs oiling, and features a 4-year/100,000-mile warranty. It incorporates Ultra-Web NanoFiber technology made by Donaldson exclusively for Volant. It retails under $100 and fits all Volant Cool Air sealed intakes as well as other competitive aftermarket air intake systems.
Volant Cool Air Intakes
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4. Work Boots For Trucks
The Goodyear DuraTrac tire is built with work in mind, but it will still play with the best of them. Goodyear's proprietary TractiveGroove Technology provides the tire with enhanced traction in deep mud and snow while the combination of highly angled center tread blocks and zig-zag microgrooves offers enhanced lateral stability and traction in rain and snow, all while reducing road noise.
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5. On The Level
BDS Suspension has finished production of a 2-1/2-inch leveling kit for the '09 F-150 2/4WD pickup. This system includes a new upper strut mount as well as pre-load spacers. The use of a pre-load spacer increases performance in cornering as well as offsets the increased weight of larger tires to maintain a quality ride. Unlike most systems on the market, the two-piece system does not max out the upper ball joints during suspension travel. A 1-inch rear block kit is available to maintain a slight rake if desired.
BDS Suspension
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