11. You will need to keep track of the rpms while you have that foot print gas pedal to the floor so why not do it with some OEM style. Auto Meter makes this Ford Racing Cobra Jet 5-inch Shift Light Tachometer just for you blue oval fans. These through-the-dial LED lit tachometers feature illuminated Ford Racing and Cobra Jet logos coupled with a bright programmable external shift light.
Auto Meter
(866) 248-6356

12. If you want to wrap your muscle car rollers in the correct rubber then you have to check out what Diamond Back Classics is up to. Diamond Back's unique tire-building facility can create customized radial tires with just about any sidewall treatment you can imagine. Now, one of the most popular high-performance tires of all time-the BF Goodrich Radial T/A-can be ordered as a classic redline or whitewall. You just need to tell them the size and series you want, and they'll make them for you. All tires are current-production radials built by BFGoodrich reflecting the newest BFG technology. Diamond Back's proprietary in-plant process converts blackwall radial tires to redlines or wide whitewalls.
Diamond Back Classics
(888) 922-1642

13. If you want to go all out and convert your automatic to a manual, then you will need one of these conversion bellhousings from Lakewood. Slap this on the back of the motor and then you chose what manual trans to use like an M22 Rock Crusher or a T-5. It has Mig-welded threaded inserts for transmission mounting bolts, and clutch pivot ball and clutch linkage brackets where required. Lakewood has many conversion bellhousings available, so check out the website for more info.
Lakewood Industries

14. Enhance the look and add that finishing touch on your Chevy or Ford truck with an OE-quality stripe kit from SLP Performance Parts. They are available in black, silver or white, depending upon application and include matching left and right sides. All stripes are precisely cut out of vinyl material leaving no background. They are easy to install by simply aligning the transparent masking tape, squeegee until smooth and peeling away the tape. That's it!
SLP Performance Parts
(732) 349-2109

15. Weiand's Pro-Street supercharger kits are engineered to give small-block Chevys 25 to 40 percent more power right at the bottom end for balls-to-the-walls brodies. Kits are now also available for Vortec/Fastburn (L31) cylinder heads for easy installation on GM crate engines or custom built applications using these affordable heads. This 144 system is a practical addition where hood clearance and/or the use of a long water pump and three V-belts are required.
(800) 246-5539

16. Cool hoods aren't limited to the Dodge freaks. Chevy fanatics can also get some style up front with one of these steel cowl hoods from LMC Truck. Not only does the hood look mean, but it gives you more room for performance parts like a supercharger or a high-rise intake. An added bonus of the cowl design is the increase of cool air sucked into the engine compartment. Made from primed high-quality steel with full inner frame. Simply paint and bolt on; reuses your original factory latch and hinges.
LMC Truck
(800) 562-8782