Predator Fixes Speed Limiter Problem

Today's computer-controlled engines have a built-in speed limiter, which is normally a good thing. It keeps you from going too fast in any one gear and blowing your engine. In this case, it also prevented us from getting full powerband dyno runs on our F-150-necessary to determine what we gained from installing the headers and exhaust. However, it was easy for Shawn Ellis of SoCal Tuning & Performance to overcome that problem by using the Predator plug-in tuner from DiabloSport to increase the limiter speed.

The Predator is a full-featured flash programmer with adjustable parameters that allow the user to custom-tune depending on modifications done to the vehicle. Because it allows for timing and fuel adjustments, the user can optimize the tune for a specific vehicle using a dyno with proper air/fuel monitoring and the Predator's live data feature to monitor timing and other vital parameters. However, for this article, we only used it to increase the speed limit for our Third gear dyno pulls.

We'll give you more complete information on the Predator in another issue, when we go back on the dyno and have Shawn use it to tune the Ford for an even greater power gain.

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