There are a few procedures to properly bleed out the air from a power steering system, and AGR gives you a step-by-step breakdown in the instructions, but here is the gist of it. With either the front wheels off the ground or the steering arm removed (like ours), fill fluid reservoir to "full cold" level and leave the cap off. While an assistant is checking the fluid level and condition, turn the steering wheel lock to lock at least 20 times. While turning the wheel, check fluid constantly to ensure proper level and that no bubbles exist. If you see any signs of bubbles, recheck all connections then repeat the steps above. Once you have completed the lock-to-lock turns, start the engine and top off the fluid level. Reinstall the reservoir cap and return the steering wheel to center.

The Final Word
The steering of the truck is noticeably quicker and more responsive. We cut almost three fourths of a turn off the lock-to-lock ratio. Also, the feel of the wheel is much better, it is firmer without being tiring, and gives us the confidence to really throw this truck around some corners. Besides the seats and pedals, the steering wheel is what we as drivers are hooked to when we drive, and this upgrade has made it great. Check back next month, because we have a bitchen set of QA1 shocks to install and tune.

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