Hawaiian LifeWho: Bryon PonteWhere: Waimea, HawaiiWhat: '03 Ford Expedition

Waimea and the North Shore are generally known for big waves that slam riders from around the world. Bryon Ponte wanted to follow suit, so he grabbed a big Expedition and slammed it to the ground. The 10-switch Air Ride 'bag setup allows the big-ass SUV almost 7 inches of travel, which looks clean when it's laid out atop the 22-inch wheel and tire combo. The near future holds a full audio/video system, a supercharger, and a custom paintjob for the beast.

F-100 Mach 1Who: Rick Furmanick Where: Serling, MassachusettsWhat: '83 Ford F-100 Stepside

Rick Furmanick and his youngest son, Randy, of Serling, Massachusetts, love their Fords. Rick has an F-100 and Randy has a '73 Mach 1; the two vehicles share the pewter paint scheme. The original V-6 that powered Rick's F-100 was ripped out to make room for a built V-8 flathead, bored 1/8-inch over with a Merc 1CM 4-inch stroke crank; Jahns pistons; ported heads; Carter AFB carb; as well as headers and dual exhaust. A Merc pressure plate with a clutch release bearing assembly was mounted on the 8BA truck flywheel, and then the bellhousing was modified to hook up with a four-speed Borg Warner tranny.