Ekstensive Nightmare
Who: Trey Davis
Where: Bryn, Texas
What: '00 Chevy

Trey Davis of Bryn, Texas, had a dream. That dream was to have a topnotch custom dualie to cruise around in. One day, he purchased an '00 1-ton Chevy dualie with every intention of making it his dream truck. He took the truck to Bill at Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston, where the dualie was equipped with everything needed to make his truck perfect. The truck laid frame over the 19-inch APP wheels. Amps were mounted in the headliner, and massive amounts of audio and visual goods, a billet grille, billet dash accessories, and many others extras were added. The final mod was the 'bag job Ekstensive performed on the heavy hauler, including custom-built upper and lower control arms. With the truck in its final stages, Trey decided to show a friend, who wasn't familiar with the truck scene, what it was like to cruise slam-style.

The night started out good, but the story gets fuzzy from there. Trey says he and his friend woke up the next morning in the trauma unit. The end of Trey's letter says, "If you choose to put my ride in the magazine, please note to the readers to be careful of whom you decide to party with. Never drink something that hasn't been in your sights at all times." We can only assume that Trey may have drunk something that was spiked. The story doesn't say much about the other person in the truck; we hope they pulled through.

There was no contact information for Trey, so we contacted our friends at Ekstensive Metal Works to inquire about Trey and his story. They said the truck was bitchin', and coming from a shop such as Ekstensive, we know the job was a premium build. It's sad to read a story like this. Without knowing how Trey recovered, and looking at the photos, we'd say he is lucky to be alive. One thing is for sure: Don't mix your pleasures together if they include alcohol or drugs and driving. As lovers of fun, we like to have a good time, but it's imperative that you be responsible.

Tall Tacoma
Who: Brian
Where: Indianapolis
What: '03 Toyota Tacoma

Brian of Indianapolis put his '03 Toy' on a 6-inch Fabtech Suspension system and added a 3-inch body lift. This allowed enough room for Toyo's 35x12.5x18-inch mudders with 18x10-inch rims to sit nicely under the Towering Taco'. A Panasonic DVD player and dual stainless exhaust are other notable features.