Fight The Good Fight
Who: Chris & Kathy Carton
Where: Warren, Vermont
What: '96 Dodge Dakota SLT CC

Chris was told that he couldn't get a feature in a magazine because you need at least a minimum of 18 inches of wheel diameter as part of the criteria. But Chris held out and built his truck based on the way he felt it should be done. He started with a bug guard and dual exhaust, and he's been adding ever since. Chris likes power, so he put on a ProCharger with intercooler, MSD ignition system, Mopar headers and Y-pipe, JET Stage II module, Mopar Magnum engine controller, ACCEL coil and wires, 24-pound injectors, Walbro inline fuel pump, and electric cooling fan. The exterior received a shave of the wiper cowl, third brake light, stake holes, rear taillights, and door handles. Additions to the body are '92 Deville rear lights, AAR Quality Fiberglass ram hood, roll pan, and Bushwacker fender flares. The rolling stock is comprised of OG 16-inch wire wheels wrapped in BFG 205/55R16. Fight the good fight, Chris.

Ranger Ready
Who: Jason Fisher
Where: Elderado, Ohio
What: '90 Ford Ranger

Jason took his '90 Ford Ranger and put a 2-inch drop knuckle on it. He lowered the rear to level the truck and added a few more mods. A billet grille and clear corners finish off the front end. Euro taillights, a roll pan, and a leather tonneau cover smooth out the rear. To top off the Ranger, the windows were tinted, and pinstriped flames give the truck its stealth appeal. Of course, it needed to rumble, so a custom 3-inch exhaust and Flowmaster muffler fit the bill.

The Best Way In
We get a ton of Readers' Rides entries sent to us. A lot of you guys complain about not being able to land a feature. The problem is that there are so many trucks and so little time. This is why we have this section in the mag. It's a mini feature, if you will. We challenge you to make the best of your Readers' Rides input. There are three elements that we use in order to qualify a Readers' Rides insertion. They are:1. Path of least resistance2. Amount of information3. Quality of the picture

We Will Go Over These Elements One At A Time.
1. Path of least resistance: This is basically the assembled presentation of your submission. Keep it simple. Bullet-point the products you want listed. If you have a cool story, make it short and sweet. Be prepared not to get your images back. If you have a computer, give not only a hard copy of the text but a disk containing the text and possibly the digital image (when applicable).

2. Amount of information: When you read Readers' Rides, look at how much text is used in the edit. If your truck has a ton of modifications, make your list of bullet-pointed mods in order of priority (put the important stuff first). Make sure you supply your name, where you live, and the year, make, and model of your truck.

3. Quality of picture: This one is a little more detailed, but here are some basic guidelines for shooting your truck. For one, make sure your truck isn't parked under a bunch of shade. You want even light to cover the truck. Put the sun at your back so the truck doesn't cast a shadow on itself. Pay attention to the background. Make sure you pick a spot with a cool background (stay away from telephone poles). Position your truck so the grille and bed are lighted evenly for the shot; this is called the front-three-quarter position. If your truck is low, shoot the truck with the camera position low. If your truck is lifted, try to keep the horizon line right about in the middle of the truck body.

Remember: This is your chance to shine. You can pave the way to having your truck in the Readers' Rides segment with ease if you follow these fundamentals.