Chevy Sexdream
Who: Rob Sheldon
Where: Nashville, Michigan
What: '99 Chevy Xtreme
Rob took his '99 Xtreme and made it lower with a 2/3 Belltech drop. Lund window trim shrouds the glass and some big white stickers are stretched over the windscreen. Painted headlight covers and APC clear corners equipped with Xenon ultra-white bulbs enhance the front clip. Out back, a set of euro taillights gives the tail segment a custom look, along with a Jason tonneau cover. Under the bed cover is a Bedrug carpet liner. Rob couldn't contain himself - he absolutely needed to enhance the power of the Extreme and employed Ravon for its ripping after-cat exhaust and Airaid for the high-flow huffin'.

Black Beauty
Who: Jonathan Seals
Where: New Market, Tennessee
What: '02 F-150
A set of XS SR 600 20-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear 275/45/R20 makes up the F-150 rolling stock. Getting the ride height to look right with the rolling stock, a Belltech 2/4-inch drop was added to the truck's suspension. Controlling the movement in the suspension is done with Toxic Shock dampers on all four corners. Angle Eye projection beams light the truck's way. Carbon-fiber-style taillights equip the Ford with a custom touch. Sport mirrors enhance the streamlined appeal, along with Limo tint on the glass. Keeping the groceries in the bed is done with a Labra vinyl bed cover. That's a must, considering power enhancements such as the Poweraid throttle-body spacer and Flowmaster exhaust give the 5.4L Triton a bit more breathing room to make power.

Who: Stephen Lapinski
Where: Brooklyn, New York
What: '04 F-150 Lariat
Stephen loves his F-150 Lariat. It doesn't take much to make a truck your own. Black window tint darkened up the windows to match the paint scheme. A set of Weld Racing 20-inch EVOs wrapped in Falken Ziex S/TZ04 meats gives the truck excellent handling abilities and good looks. After that, Stephen whipped out his platinum card to JC Whitney and ordered up a brushbar, side steps, and a bed shell.

SS Ride
Who: Doug Woods
Where: Unionville, Ontario, Canada
What: 04 Silverado
Doug wanted a true-to-form SS Silverado. He took his '04 Silverado and added a Vortech supercharger to bring the power up. Enhanced by JBA headers, a Volant intake, and a Flowmaster after-cat exhaust, the truck makes well over 400 hp. The addition of a SS front fascia with billet treatment set the mood, but an altitude adjustment was in order. The employment of a 2/4 drop from McGaughy's got things moving in the right direction. A set of 20-inch Centerline wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes S/T meats gave the truck not only an aggressive look but also the ability to stick in the corners. A red-and-black-leather interior is enhanced with a Sony Explode sound system. The custom touches included shaved gate handle, Snugtop tonneau cover, and Caddy handles.