Wreck To Riches
Who: Dan Pigeon
Where: Roseville, Michigan
What: '94 GMC Sonoma
Through the span of our lifetime, we will have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the wrong people. In Dan's case, it was a drunk driver who obliterated the front end of his '94 GMC Sonoma. But, not to worry, he is OK, and as you can see, so is the truck. As the truck sat before the accident, he had a 4-inch drop, a set of 17-inch M.B. Vintage wheels with low-profile tires, and a cowl hood, and it was painted GM Sunburst Orange Metallic. Since the accident, Dan felt it was a good time to shave the truck before repainting it the Sunburst Orange. Dan's plans are to have a 350ci motor installed with the freedom to adjust his suspension with airbags.

What He Wins
Since Dan's truck is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we thought he deserved to be our Winner of the Month. To keep his born-again ride nice and clean, we're sending him a big bottle of Mother's Reflections car wax. He also gets some heavy-duty JB Radiator Stop Leak and a cool Proform collectable keychain. And just in case somebody decides to plow into his clean ride again, he gets a cool Penzoil shotglass to toast another build project. Cheers!

Black Out
Who: John Atkinson
Where: Somewhere, Minnesota
What: Dodge Durango
After John purchased his Dodge Durango, he started down the path of custom truck building. He started by removing the factory badges and chucking on a set of black-face 22-inch wheels. He finished off the exterior with a bug shield, running boards, and smoked taillights. To give a little bump in his trunk, John has wired into the factory stereo system a 250-watt amplifier and a 10-inch sub. Before John can call his Durango done, he wants to add a Sniper grille and hood.

Welcome To Paradise
Who: Elden Arios
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii
What: '05 Nissan Armada
Rolling around the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii, is this really clean Nissan Armada, owned by Elden Arios. Starting with the outside, Elden added some massive 24-inch MOZ Dinner Roll wheels with 295/35R24 Falken Tires. To accent the factory white paint, a chrome hood shield and pillar covers were added, along with stainless steel grilles, chrome taillights, 3-1/2-inch chrome exhaust tips, and halo headlights. For his kids, he plans on adding DVD headrests, an airbag setup to make it easier for them to get in and out, and a supercharger to make sure they get to where they need to on time.