High Hopes, Low Truck
Brandon Anderson's '07 Nissan Titan
Mansfield, Texas

The 411
Rims/tires: 22x9 Eagle Alloy 026 in black / 265/35R22 HP 299 Fullrun Engine: 5.6L V-8 / Nismo cold-air intake Suspension: Belltech 2-inch drop coils on a 2-inch lowering strut / Belltech 4-inch flip kit with performance shocks Body Mods: Painted front bumper, hood, and side mirrors by Christians Auto Design in Mansfield, Texas / shaved rear door handles / Halo projector headlights with headlight strobes by StreetGlow / Euro taillights Interior: Dash painted Blizzard White / A-pillar three-gauge pod with Glowshift gauges Audio/video: Pioneer AVIC-700bt head unit with iPod/video/SD micro card connections / Escort Passport 8500 radar detector

We Say: 21-year-old Brandon is in the process of modding his Titan with the hopes of getting it to SEMA next year. He is a full-time student and part-time worker, so we have no clue when he finds time to work on the truck. We see a lot of stock Titans come across our desk and this one is definitely worthy of some of our junk.

What He Wins: Since we happened to have a brand spankin' new Nissan hat, Brandon will get that to display some brand pride. We are also sending him a really cool welding calculator pack from Miller Electronics. It will be a perfect companion to any welding task Brandon might encounter in his journey to reach SEMA.

Win Some Of Our Cool Swag!
Each month here in Sport Truck, the Homegrown Haulers winner will receive a pair of Mechanix Wear gloves, a Mother's detailing package, a Havoc DVD, and some awesome Sport Truck stickers. And to keep it real, we're also tossing in a piece of swag from our trusty old junk drawer! So just how do you win? It's easy. It all starts with you taking a killer photo(s) of your truck and sending that along with all of your information as well as a list of mods done to your truck. High-resolution digital photos are preferred and may improve your chances of winning. But really what it comes down to is if your truck is cool enough to pass our standards (OK, more like if we happen to get a bull's-eye on the dartboard!). So get going! Get out there with your digital cameras, put the settings on high-quality, and start shootin'. Email all of your stuff to calin.head@sorc.com, or send a CD with images via snail mail to: Sport Truck Magazine, Homegrown Haulers, 2400 East Katella Ave., Ste. 1100, Anaheim, CA 92806.

Standing Out
Phillip Hollaway Jr.'S '00 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab
Pembroke, Virginia
We Say: The paintjob on this Dakota screams "look at me." If that isn't enough to get you lookin', the sound system will infect your ears with bass and turn your head. Either way, Phillip built a nice Dakota that is worth a good look.

The 411
Rims/tires: 18x8.5 Panther Juice 6 / 255/55R18 Falken Ziex ST/04 Engine: 3.9L V-6 / CGS cold-air intake Suspension: Belltech 2-inch drop coils and shocks / Belltech 3-inch steel blocks and shocks Body Mods: SS Gen 2 bumper cover/ 4-inch Angel Eyes fog lights / Cervini's ram air hood / ARE LoPro hard tonneau cover / Intense Blue Pearl basecoat and Sumlime green pearl flames Interior: Painted dash / custom-painted flamed pedals Audio/video: In-dash CD and four Aura door speakers / Two Audiobahn 12-inch subs behind back seat / Audiobahn four-channel amp and Audiobahn two-channel amp under seat