Built Big
Joe Lohr's '81 Dodge D250
Tallmadge, Ohio

We Say: Joe is a UPS driver with a wife and two small kids. He proudly told us that he did all of the work on his truck himself, including the body and paint in his home garage. The truck started as a 2WD faded-out lawn ornament, but after a lot of work and one donor truck, he has a daily-driver monster.

What He Wins: Our junk drawer is officially empty so there will be no more random things sent out. However we still have you covered by way of some really useful stuff. Moving forward, each winner will receive a detailing package from Mother's, including a bucket, gloves from Mechanix Wear, a no-mess funnel from ProForm, and an assortment of Sport Truck swag. We think that's a pretty good prize for sending in a few pictures of your truck.

The 411
Rims/Tires: 16.5x9.75 Summit Racing rims / 38-inch Parnelli Jones Dirt Grippers

Engine: 360ci V-8 / headers / dual exhaust with Purple Horny mufflers / 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission

Suspension: 10 inches of total lift between the suspension and body lift / Dana 60 front axle with 4.10 gears / Dana 70 rear axle with 4.10 gears / 203 transfer case

Body Mods: All emblems shaved / front grill, lights, and bumper from a '92 Dodge truck / cab visor / nerf bars / Viper Red paint job by owner

Interior: Bucket seats and console from a '92 Dodge truck / new carpet

Audio/Video: Sony CD head unit and four Sony 6x9 speakers

Win some of our cool swag!
Each month here in Sport Truck, the Homegrown Haulers winner will receive a Mother's detailing package, a pair of Mechanix Wear gloves, a ProForm no-mess funnel, and some awesome Sport Truck stickers. So just how do you win? It's easy. It all starts with you taking a killer photo(s) of your truck and sending that along with all of your information as well as a list of mods done to your truck. High-resolution digital photos are preferred and may improve your chances of winning. Get out there with your digital cameras, put the settings on high-quality, and start shootin'. Email all of your stuff to calin.head@sorc.com, or send a CD with images via snail mail to: Sport Truck Magazine, Homegrown Haulers, 2400 East Katella Ave., Ste. 1100, Anaheim, CA 92806.

A Good Start
James Ingram's '02 Ford Ranger XLT
Houston, Texas

We Say: James is just getting started on his Ranger project. He said future plans include a 2/3 static drop until it's paid off, then it's going to get 'bagged. Right now he said, "It looks like a chick with her skirt hiked up." We don't know about that metaphor, but, hey, whatever blows James' skirt up is his business.

The 411
Rims/Tires: 20x8 DIP Wheels / P255/35R20 Falken FK-452

Engine: 2.3L four-cylinder / five-speed manual trans

Suspension: Stock right now

Body Mods: Rocky Mountain Wheel polished stainless steel door handle and tailgate handle covers / clear corner lights from Pro Car Parts / Euro taillights

Interior: Stock

Audio/Video: Pioneer Premier DEH-P590iB head unit / Pioneer TS-A6881R 6x8 four-way speakers