The Nondescript Tech Sheet Award
Who: Rich Boonstra
Where: Tinley, IL
What: '00 Ford Lightning
Suspension: Stock
Engine: 5.4L V-8 / factory Eaton supercharger with intercooler / AIRAID filter / 4-pound pulley / chip / Flowmaster muffler
Wheels/tires: 20-inch chrome with chrome valvestem caps / Toyo tires
Interior: Stock
Audio/video: Stock
Body Mods: Factory black with American flag vinyl graphics / tonneau cover with wing / carbon-fiber headlight covers / purple underbody neon / signal mirrors
We Say: We thank Rich for sending us his truck, but he listed his modifications very simply, such as "chrome wheels, and it has a chip in it." Luckily, he did remember to tell us it has chrome valvestem caps.

The Could Use Bigger Wheels Award
Who: Ray Barnett
Where: Waddell, AZ
What: '92 GMC
Suspension: (Front) Belltech spindle and spring / (Rear) Belltech flip kit and C-notch
Engine: 350ci V-8
Wheels/tires: 15-inch Center Line Sabre / 275/60R15 Firestone Firehawks
Interior: Blue tweed with gray scallops / Billet Specialties dash pieces / Billet Specialties Thrasher steering wheel
Audio/video: Pioneer head unit / Advantz Screen in custom console
Body Mods: PPG Blue, White, and Gray / billet grille / Street Scene mirrors / Goodmark cowl hood
We Say: Ray's ride could be taken out of daily driver standing and pushed into show status with some airbags and a set of big rollers. The truck is nice either way, and at least he doesn't have to avoid potholes with those thick-side-wall tires.

The Soon to Be Deaf Award
Who: Joey Perez
Where: Paterson, NJ
What: '96 GMC Safari Van
Suspension: De-arched leaf pack
Engine: 4.3L V-6
Wheels/tires: 18-inch Axis 5 / Joey didn't tell us about his tires
Interior: Stock, but see the audio section
Audio/video: Pioneer head unit / 10 12-inch P-series Crossfire subs / eight 6-1/2 coaxials, four molded into each door panel / three 1,000-watt amps / four 7-inch monitors
Body Mods: DuPont Purple / Xenon body kit / cat-eye grille / underbody neon
We Say: Joey's Safari van has more than 120 inches of combined speaker size, telling us one thing-this guy will soon be deaf. If you run into Joey on the streets, make sure to speak loudly so he can hear you.

The We Salute You Award
Who: Tommy Romo
Where: San Antonio, TX
What: '01 GMC Sierra
Suspension: Z-85 handling package
Engine: 5.3L Triton V-8 / Flowmaster two-chamber exhaust system / K&N FIPK intake / Hypertech programmer
Wheels/tires: Stock
Interior: Stock
Audio/video: Stock
Body Mods: Factory Sunburst Yellow with dealer-installed graphics
We Say: Tommy served in Vietnam, where he took some shrapnel during combat. But, instead of quitting, he manned up and kept fighting. He ended up serving two tours of duty and received the Purple Heart for his actions. For that, Tommy, we offer you our thanks for being a Marine and keeping us all safe.

The Guy Who Has the Same Name as the Actor Who Played Spawn Award
Who: Michael White
Where: Philadelphia, PA
What: '01 Dodge Dakota
Suspension: Stock
Engine: 3.9L V-6 / AIRAID intake / JET Performance module / Flowmaster exhaust
Wheels/tires: 20-inch Niche Bellas / Michael didn't tell us what tires he's rolling
Interior: Nu-Image flamed gauges
Audio/video: Pioneer DVD head unit with 7-inch screen / (Front) Infinity 6.5-inch separates / (Rear) Infinity 5x7 / Rockford Fosgate 400-watt amp
Body Mods: Factory Copper / Xenon front bumper and fender flares / Street Scene grille / Sir Michaels roll pan / APC clear corners
We Say: This truck is ready for an altitude adjustment; Michael, you already have the wheels, so we think you should drop it. If your budget is tight, look up a drop coil and shackle kit online.
That should be the cheapest way out. Whatever you do, fight the urge to heat the springs with a torch.

The Thrifty Clone Award
Who: Richard Kellems
Where: Columbus, IN
What: '00 Dodge Dakota
Suspension: (Front) DJM Drop Pocket control arms / drop shocks / (Rear) Belltech hangers / drop shocks
Engine: 3.9L V-6 / Intense Performance intake / Gibson exhaust / 180-degree thermostat / 7-1/2mm Mopar plug wires
Wheels/tires: 20-inch Diablo Viennas / 245/35R20 Nitto NT555s
Interior: Paint-matched some of the dash pieces
Audio/video: Alpine 7863 head unit / Infinity Kappa 6-3/4-inch speakers
Body Mods: Corvette Nassau Blue / color-matched door handles / shaved third brake light, antenna, fender badges, and tailgate handle / Sir Michaels roll pan and handle relocator kit / Street Scene grille and mirrors / R/T fender flares / Altezza taillights / Mopar tonneau cover / APC clear corners
We Say: Rich's Dakota is nice and clean and has just enough stuff to set it apart from the crowd. Even though he created an R/T clone with a V-6, it must be nice when it comes time to fill up at the pump.