In terms of fuel economy, this truck did very well. We clocked just a little more than 20,000 miles on the truck in our travels and averaged 19 mpg. That is great, considering our right foot has very little control, and we had this thing on the floor a lot. There is just something about blasting the X down the highway, cutting in and out of slower traffic. As far as maintenance costs, the only money besides the gas we had to put in the truck was for the normal 3,000-mile oil changes and for one plug in the rear tire when we picked up a nail.

Sport Truck Tech Tip
Lights Out
Every 3,000 miles a Maintenance Required light will illuminate on the dash board, but don't be alarmed. This light was put there by Toyota to remind you to change the oil. Once you have changed the oil, you will have to follow the procedure below to shut it off for another 3,000 miles.

1. With the key in the "off" position, press in and hold the trip meter reset knob.

2. Turn the key to the "on" position while still holding the switch in.

3. The odometer will count down, and once it does, the light will go off for another 3,000 or so miles.

What We Did To It...
You don't get access to a cool truck like this Tacoma everyday, and so of course, we had to customize it a little. Here's what we did to it over the year. Be sure to check out the back issues for full stories on each modification.

The Final Word

We are very happy with the X and everything it has to offer, and the price is not out of control, considering how well this truck performs. If you are in the market for a sporty truck that has good power and a refined feel, this new Tacoma is definitely worth going to the dealer and taking a testdrive.

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