Drivers and front passengers will find good head and legroom. The seats are comfortable but could use more side bolstering to hold front passengers in place through turns. Interior grab handles on the inside of the A-pillar and the top of the door opening make climbing in and out a breeze. Another feature unique to the Frontier is a fold-flat front seat, which buttons down in seconds. Things are a little more crowded in the back seat. The King Cab's rear seats are more suited for packages than people. Room is tight with seats even halfway back, and headroom is lacking for anyone over 6 feet. Stowing gear in the cabin is easy thanks to dual jump seats that lift up to reveal a cleverly placed storage tray covered with a snap-down safety net.

On The Road
The first thing we noticed about the Frontier is how much fun it is to drive. This is an amazingly nimble package for a pickup. The big, beefy frame and torquey motor are also good for hauling heavy loads, and the Frontier is rated to drag 6,300 pounds when equipped with the towing package yet easily slices through traffic. It's strong from a stop and around town, especially in the lighter King Cab. The responsive engine revs happily and puts the power down in every gear. Once the highway opens up, the Nissan easily cruises at 80 mph and is one of the quietest vehicles in our fleet. The ride is taut but not harsh over less-than-smooth surfaces. Frontier's V-6 has class-leading horsepower, but fuel economy is a little less impressive. Our 4x2 King Cab LE with automatic transmission averaged a thirsty 17.2 mpg in mixed driving. Body lean is evident in corners but within our comfort zone, and it never feels top-heavy.

What It Could Look Like
We contacted R.J. at Eye Kandy Designs and asked him to do a lifted and a lowered version of the '07 Nissan Frontier. Both versions are kind of plain with no graphics, but we just wanted to show a basic lift and lowering-we'll leave the rest up to you. With a little bit of research, we have found numerous lift kits available for the Frontier from 2.5 inches up to 6 inches. We decided to go with a 6-inch lift and 35-inch tires on 17-inch wheels. For the lowered version of the Frontier, we chose a 4/6-inch static drop over 20-inch chrome wheels wrapped in 40-series rubber. Whether the truck gets lifted or lowered it doesn't matter-it looks good either way.