Sometimes you just want stuff to be easy, such as opening your tonneau cover. If you've ever had to drop the stuff you were carrying to open the tonneau, you know what a pain in the rear it can be.

Well, Pace Edwards has built a cover that opens with a touch of a button in less than 30 seconds and can be stopped at any point to make our lazy butts happy. The BedLocker is an electric-retractable tonneau cover that works like the roll-up garage door found in your house.

The cover is made up of thin slats of aluminum and a patented, silicone-rubber hinge seal that retracts into a box at the front of the bed. An alarm-style key fob, which can also be wired up to lock your power door locks, engages the dual motors. The BedLocker is a true bolt-in, flush-mounted cover; the sidetrack system is held on with special clamps, so it doesn't require drilling.

We took our truck and parts over to Shaughn Reid and his talented staff at StreetshocK in Redondo Beach, California, to have it installed. Even with us slowing them down by shooting photos, they had this sucker on and working in about an hour.

Pace Edwards
2400 Commercial Blvd.
WA  98531
Streetshock Inc.
2922 Fisk Ln.
Redondo Beach
CA  90278