Since you're a Sport Truck reader, we'll assume that the way your truck looks is as important as the way it performs. If you only cared about how your truck towed a trailer, or hauled hay bales, then you probably wouldn't even pick up Sport Truck. But we know you care about the way your truck looks and runs whenever you're cruisin' it, towing with it, or generally mobbin' around town in it. Since the lowering craze has reached epidemic proportions, where even a 1-ton dualie is not safe from being hammered flat on the pavement, we thought we should help you alleviate one of the problems associated with laying one of these monsters out.

Most any dualie that lays completely flat these days is running tires that are several inches shorter in overall diameter than the ones that came from the factory. Take into account the fact that a majority of these trucks came with 4.11 gearing and you have a truck that screams down the highway at more than 3,500 rpm at just 55 mph. Fuel economy and engine life go right out the window under these conditions. Sure, your truck runs like a chicken with its head cut off, but when you merge on the freeway, you're left in the dust by any vehicle that can break the speed limit. Gear Vendors can fix this problem - as well as a few others. The company's Overdrive/Underdrive unit is a simple remedy that will not only enable your truck to cruise comfortably, but will also tow larger payloads and gain better fuel economy depending on how you drive it. In just a day, you can be up and running, splitting gears and burnin' rubber, or just motoring down the freeway at your desired pace. To find out more, read on.

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