Probably one of the first accessories any pickup truck is fitted with is a drop-in bedliner. Most trucks have them straight from the dealer, but many others come off the lot naked, without bed protection.

One of the easiest fixes for the problem is an aftermarket drop-in bedliner. While one of the chief complaints about drop-in 'liners is that things slide around on the hard-plastic surface, Penda Corporation has addressed the problem by developing an all-new skid-resistant drop-in bedliner that's essentially the next-generation 'liner. Dubbed the Pendaliner SR Skid Resistor, the 'liner is made from a skid-resistant, non-abrasive compound that still retains a high-gloss finish and resists damage from UV rays. The Skid Resistor's seamless, thick-ribbed construction also ensures a perfect fit and enhanced airflow between the 'liner and truck bed, according to Penda Corporation.

The installation on this '03 Chevy Silverado took less than 15 minutes and looked like a factory install when completed by the folks at JBM Sport Truck Accessories in Orange, California.

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