More power and better mileage are always at the top of any truck owner's wish list. And the key to making power on today's late-model fuel-injected trucks is adding the right combination of parts for the job. Simple bolt-ons such as after-cat exhaust systems and air intakes go a long way to improve the operating efficiency of an engine, resulting in both power and fuel-economy gains.

In an effort to help you build that "perfect" ride, we have assembled a selection of power parts that go from the simple air cleaner all the way up to the hard-core supercharger.

1. Accel
These wire sets from Accel are custom-fit for a wide variety of applications and are available for twin- and dual-plug heads, with or without fuel injection. These wire kits feature spiral core wire sets in the 8800 series, and a graphite suppression core in the 8900.
Mr. Gasket
(216) 688-8300,

2. aFe
advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) has this "stage 2" intake for the new '04 Chevy/GMC Duramax turbodiesel. Faster spool-up, reduced lag, acceleration, fuel economy, and more power can be seen thanks to improved airflow and less restriction.
advanced FLOW engineering
(909) 279-4050,

3. Airaid
The Airaid Air Intake System can provide an additional 14 hp more than the stock airbox units, depending upon the specific make and model of your truck. The systems come complete with all the bells and whistles necessary for a smooth installation, including a lifetime reusable air filter.
(800) 498-6951,

4. American Products Company
APC Intake Systems includes a mandrel-bent polished-aluminum induction tube, stainless-steel hose clamps, high-temperature silicone adapters, and APC's own unique reusable air filter.
(800) 594-4272,

5. Barry Grant
The Barry Grant PoweRodder is a two-piece carburetor that delivers smooth performance, and is designed for engines as high as 400 hp. They come in 525-, 625-, and 725-cfm sizes to fit most aftermarket intake manifolds.
Barry Grant
(706) 864-8544,

6. Bassani Xhaust
Bassani has a direct bolt-on and 50-state-legal Aft-Cat exhaust system for the Nissan Titan. It's built as a single over-the-axle side exit with a 4-inch stainless-steel tip for improved performance and exhaust note.
Bassani Xhaust
(866) 782-3283,

7. Billy Boat
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has two systems for the Dodge Hemi. Both the side exit with twin 3-inch-round tips and rear split with 4-inch ovals on each side are manufactured using 100 percent T304 stainless steel.
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust
(888) 228-7435,

8. Bosch
The new Bosch Platinum2 features surface air gap technology with two ground electrodes that allow the spark to find the most efficient path. This produces a longer, more powerful spark for improved engine performance, smoother acceleration, and better mileage.
Robert Bosch Corp.
(888) 715-3616,

9. Bully Dog Technologies
Bully Dog Technologies has designed this power performance chip for '03-'04 Cummins diesel Dodge pickups. The performance module provides three horsepower/torque settings: stock, 60 hp, and 90 hp.
Bully Dog Technologies
(208) 397-3200,

10. Corsa
The new Corsa SSR bolt-on exhaust system is made from 304 stainless steel in either a Touring (quiet) or Sport (loud) setup. Both feature 4-inch polished-stainless-steel tips, include a limited lifetime warranty, are 50-state emissions-legal, and do not void the new vehicle warranty.
Corsa Performance
(800) 486-0999,

11. Crane Cams
Available for Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Hummer, and Ford trucks, the Crane PowerMax Power Tuner provides 30-plus tuning parameters to manipulate rev limiters, shift points, top-speed governor, and speedometer, and also reads and can clear trouble codes.
Crane Cams
(386) 258-6174,

12. Diesel Pro
Diesel Pro's Extreme SS exhaust system features a 4-inch T304 stainless-steel pipe that reduces backpressure and exhaust gas temperatures to produce more power. You have the choice of three different stainless-steel tip sizes that go as large as 6 inches.
Diesel Pro
(877) 388-6552,

13. Doug Thorley
Doug Thorley is proud to offer this full-length Tri-Y with Y-pipe header for Ford V-10-equipped trucks. It's constructed of 14-gauge mild steel with a 1-5/8-inch tube size and a 2-1/2-inch collector coated in either nickel chrome or ceramic.
Doug Thorle
(909) 739-5900,

14. Edelbrock
Edelbrock's Victor 24-degree rectangular-port big-block Chevy head features a rolled-over deck and partially CNC'd 118cc chambers. The valve area was moved to improve flow and hold larger valves. It comes with 2.30 intake and 1.88 exhaust valves, 1.625 Manley springs, and 10-degree titanium retainers and locks.
Edelbrock Corp.
(310) 781-2222,

15. Edge Products
Edge Products has two EZ modules for Cummins applications. One covers '98-'02 and adds 65 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. The Edge EZ for '03-'04 Cummins offers four different user-selectable power modes from 40 hp all the way to 70 hp.
Edge Products Inc.
(888) 360-3343,

16. Erson
Erson's Brute Power Kit offers three cam grinds for the Chevrolet mouse motor, ranging from 260-degree smooth idle to 280-degree rough idle. The kit includes anti-pump-up hydraulic lifters, valve springs, pushrods, and steel roller-tip rocker arms.
Mr. Gasket
(216) 688-8300,

17. FAST
The new FAST (a division of the Comp Cams Group) 6061-T6 billet aluminum throttle bodies are available in 78mm and 90mm configurations and were designed to complement the company's LSX polymer intake manifold or other Gen. III intakes, even stock.
Fuel Air Spark Technology
(662) 224-3495,

18. Flex-a-Lite
Flex-a-Lite's Fullsize Electric Truck Fan has two 15-inch electric fans in a glass-reinforced nylon mold-injected shroud. Horsepower gains have been near 17 on '92-to-present GM/Chevrolet trucks.
(800) 851-1510,

19. Flowmaster Mufflers Inc.
Flowmaster makes mufflers for a wide range of trucks. The company's mufflers are offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series, from deep and aggressive to quiet and subtle.
Flowmaster Mufflers Inc.
(800) 544-4761,

20. Flowtech
The Purple Hornie tubular-design glasspack mufflers are 16-gauge 3-1/2-inch-diameter steel shell with an interior spiral louver baffle design that increases exhaust velocity while decreasing backpressure. They come available in an 18-inch case length with 2-1/4-inch slip-fit, or choose from three different styles of 3-inch three-hole direct-header-mount designs.
(800) 465-5391,

21. Gibson Performance
Gibson Performance introduces a bolt-on after-cat exhaust system for the '04 Chevrolet Colorado 3.5L truck. The 2-1/2-inch system comes in aluminized stainless steel and ceramic coating. It is 50-state smog-legal and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
Gibson Performance
(800) 528-3044,

22. Green Filter usa
Green Filter introduces its Green High Performance Air Filters for almost all trucks and SUVs. Green Filters increase airflow, resulting in more horsepower, more torque, and better acceleration. Green Filters feature a two-layer woven-cotton design that filters down to 5 microns.
Green Filter USA
(724) 430-2050,

23. Hedman Hedders
Hedman Hedders' new 50-state-legal headers are ready for installation on all 2WD or 4WD Ford F-150/F-250 trucks equipped with the Triton 5.4L. The headers feature 1-1/2-inch primary tubes and a stock-sized ball collector for an easy installation and virtual leak-free design.
Hedman Hedders
(562) 921-0404,

24. Holley
Holley's 750-cfm Street HP carburetor employs the same features found in the company's 4150HP carbs, only tamed for street use. The Street HP series relies on the contoured main body from the 4150HP and adds vacuum secondaries; fourth-generation power valve; power valve blow-out protection; nonstick gaskets; clear sight plugs; adjustable air bleeds; two-corner idle system; and enough vacuum ports for power brakes, PCV, and so on.
Holley Carburetors
(800) 465-5391,

25. Hughes Engines
These Hughes Engines throttle bodies are made from CNC-machined 6061 billet exclusively for the Dodge Magnum engines. These throttle bodies are a direct replacement for the OEM units and come in 50, 52, and 55mm sizes, and are capable of supporting more than 650 hp.
Hughes Engines
(309) 745-9558,

26. Hypertech
Hypertech allows you to optimize engine tuning for both regular and premium gasoline, raise the rpm limiter, adjust the top-speed limiter, and recalibrate the speedometer for nonstock tires as large as 44 inches. Plus, you can go back to stock at the push of a button.
(901) 385-1888,