Last month, we unveiled the Stylin' Concepts/Goodmark giveaway Silverado that one of you - that's right, you - could win. We highlighted the installation of a Belltech drop kit, Power Slot brake rotors, and the APC/Goodyear wheel and tire combo. That gave the truck better braking and cornering capabilities and improved the looks. Well, this month we are going to show ya'll a couple more goodies added to the freebie. Since we know that anyone who reads this rag probably has a serious case of lead-foot-itis, a Volant intake and Corsa exhaust were bolted up to cure that foot problem. On the other end, why go fast if it looks like a pile? A Street Scene grille, Nu Image gauges, and Goodmark steel hood were installed for that custom styling we all want from a truck. As you can tell from the photos, the truck is complete, so don't forget to fill out your entry form and visit for more information.